. Kranji Countryside Farm Tour with parents .

As I grow older, I’m starting to see how my priorities in life have changed over the years. Back when I was still schooling and adjusting to the first couple of years of working, my social life and relationship took precedence over my family. These days, I’m trying to devote more time to health (yoga!), my dogs (best & worst times of my life) and of course, family. So when my Dad asked if I would like to join him and my mum in a farm tour organised by his company, I agreed without any hesitation. That being said, I was the “oldest kid on the block” as everyone else’s child is between the ages of 3 to 12. LOL. Come to think of it, I’m actually old enough to be their mother lol.


Hay Dairies
Singapore’s only goat farm

I missed out on the milking session during the first time I went to Hay Dairies with the boy a couple years’ ago as we are hardly the morning couple. This time round, I managed to catch the milking demonstration which takes place daily between 9am to 11am. The goats were fed hay during the milking process to distract them from feeling too uncomfortable.

Do you know that there are less than 5 bucks (male goats) in Hay Dairies and that their main existence is to aid in the procreation of more goats?

Kin Yan Agrotech
220 Neo Tiew Crescent

This farm is probably the highlight for most of our fellow tour-mates because I Likewise, my parents purchased $30+ worth of wheatgrass, mushrooms (huge fan of mushrooms), cactus and pea sprouts.  We even bought a mini organic wheatgrass farming set so that we can growing our own wheatgrass and make our own wheatgrass products! :p

Shall blog about our short stint as a wheatgrass farmer once we start getting our hands dirty! Lol.

Animals’ Corner at Farmart

It was about a decade ago that I last visited Farmat and back then, it was a popular and bustling weekend spot with both families and tourists. 10 years later, Farmart is a pale shadow of its previous glory. Many of the tenants have since vacated, thus leaving the entire place in shambles.

The Animal Farm Corner that houses domesticated animals such as the goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters is probably the most popular area in Farmart as it provides an educational experience for the children. Having said that, the living conditions are horrible – No animals should have to tolerate such unhygienic conditions! We even spotted a dead rat in 1 of the cages! :0

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