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. Shop Korean Fashion on ZALORA .

2 years ago, the old me was never interested in the Korean wave and turned a deaf ear to the K-pop phenomenon. The entire craze over sappy Korean dramas and the endless list of boy bands whose members look even prettier than me was simply beyond my comprehension. Yet, with the tremendous proliferation of Korean wave and my recent fascination with Running Man and the insanely gorgeous Korean celebrities, I must admit that I’m now one of those statistics. I have a whole collection of Korean skincare and beauty products (cleanser, essence, ampoules, cc mineral cushion, eyeliner, you name it and I got it), no thanks to my obsessive quest for a radiant and youthful complexion. And an insatiable appetite for Korean cuisine.

Now, thanks to the global popularity explosion, K-pop has also revolutionized our local women’s fashion. The Korean fashion scene is always evolving and it’s never a surprise to see the idols and celebrities changing their fashion style with every new season/ release of their new album. Get this, K-fashion has even dominated the usually hard-to-crack Western market! Personally, K-fashion is not exactly my style as I prefer sticking to classics and basics. Or, you can also just call me lazy as I’m not one to catch on with the latest trends. However, my partial addiction to Korean entertainment has made me found a new love in snapback caps, sneakers and pullovers but they make me look younger than my actual age so I’m not complaining! 😛

Want to find the suitable clothes and accessories to complement your Korean look? Well, look no further than ZALORA Marketplace, where you can find a variety of Korean inspired fashion to satisfy the K-pop in you! Here are some of my favourite picks! 🙂

Black Maxi Dress:
A figure-hugging black dress that adds a twist to the usual LBD.
zalora_korean trend_4

Kim-Hye Denim Coat:
I’m a believer that denim never goes out of style and would be interested to see how I can incorporate a long denim coat into my wardrobe.
zalora_korean trend_3

Archi Aztec Printed Pants:
While I still love my skinny jeans and hot yoga pants, I must admit that I’m also very fond of baggy pants that are not only comfortable but chic.
zalora_korean trend_2

Harper The Minimalist Sling Bag:
Be prepared to receive lots of compliments with this very stylish sling bag. It’s on my “To Purchase” list!
zalora_korean trend_1

Shop for the latest Korean Fashion Trends at ZALORA Marketplace!

. Shop for STILA at ZALORA .

 I’m a Korean cosmetic girl at heart (no thanks to the gorgeous Korean ladies who guest-star on Running Man) but I have heard a lot of raves about the fantastic makeup line under the Stila brand. With unique products and vibrant colours, Stila is today a fashion style on its own. Its goal is to help every woman celebrate her own sense of beauty – To look and feel like the best version of herself and of course, to have fun doing it! 

Now, you don’t have to head all the way to USA or the departmental stores to get your hands on your favourite Stila items. Save time and enjoy a hassle-free experience when you shop for STILA at ZALORA !

My favourite Stila items:

Stila One Step Correct: These days, I’m a lazy bum so the best type of product for me is an all-inclusive beauty product that caters to my needs. Want something to brighten, prime and nourish your skin? Well, you got it easy with the innovative Stila One Step Correct serum!

zalora_stila_one step correct

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner: My essential makeup tool! The black/blue eyeliner – It’s simply something I cannot live without and the main reason why my eyes look fresh even though I’m half asleep most of the time. Stila has always been known for its wide range of long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner that stays defined and bold throughout the day. Goodbye to those annoying and pesky smudges!  

zalora_stila_waterproof eyeliner
Stila Lip Glaze: I’m not a fan of lipsticks but lip gloss? Bring it on! The delicious lip gloss adds a sexy shine to the lips and often compliments the smoky eye look. Just the perfect item to pucker up those alluring lips for the special someone!

zalora_stila_lip glaze

. Look Gorgeous with Sephora @ ZALORA SG .

While I enjoy buying clothes and shoes at heavily discounted prices (i’m a huge fan of SALE and pre-loved items), beauty products is something that I will not scrimp and save on. A quick glance at my dressing table will reveal that I’m a proud owner of many facial masks of all sorts, a wide array of lip gloss with varying shades and a basket full of unused body fragrance! Save me, it seems like someone has a serious addiction to vanity.

That’s why it is no surprise that an addict like me will flock to a leading brand such as Sephora to get my daily beauty essentials. One of my favourite online shopping site, ZALORA, carries an extensive collection of Sephora in-house products that caters to all your beauty needs. Think, medium palette makeup bag, luxurious sugar body scrub, travel size perfumes and many more! Oh, the joy of satisfying my inner beauty goddess with just a click away!

As a beauty trailblazer, Sephora also carries an impressive assortment of top beauty brands such as Stila, Make Up For Ever, SKINC among many others. With so many choices, it’s easy for any shopper to get lost in the sea of advertising messages.

Well, fret not as ZALORA makes online shopping easier for you by coming up with a specially curated list of Editor’s picks and top sellers. Best of all, spend over $40 and you can get your beauty haul delivered right to your doorstep for free! With various payment methods like cash on delivery, shopping can’t get any easier.


Shop for your favourite beauty products at the Sephora Collection on ZALORA.

. Mango @ ZALORA SG .

Mango is a brand that needs no introduction. Known for its high street designer apparels, Mango is one of the most innovative market leader in the fashion industry. I could still recall the good old days when my girlfriends and I would rushed out of our classroom after the last bell so that we could head to town for the latest Mango sales.  As students, we were relatively tight with our budget; Hence, it gave us such thrills to finally get our hands on such classy and trendy fashion pieces at a friction of its cost during such crazy sales!

Now, with the rise of online shopping, why head down to the Mango outlet when you can shop for a wide array of clothes and accessories at the click of your fingers? With ZALORA Singapore, you can enjoy hassle-free shopping at discounted prices (My favourite)! That explains the reason why I’ve fully converted into an online shopping queen these days! :p

Stay fashionable with Mango women’s apparels at ZALORA Singapore.

Here are some of my favourite shoes and accessories from Mango to complete the various looks!

ZALORA_Mango_Black CollectionZALORA_Mango_BF Jeans

Prefer to shop at a retail space? Well, you will be pleased to know that ZALORA has just launched a digital interactive pop-up store in the heart of Orchard Road. Located in ION mall, this pop-up store has a wide variety of clothes on display for shoppers to try on. It is also equipped with Samsung Galaxy tablets, which allow shoppers to browse at collections of lookbooks for a dose of fashion inspiration, styling tips and fashion advice. ZALORA never fails to bring the digital shopping experience to a whole new level; With this pop-up store, there is no need for cashiers or cash payment. Instead, shoppers who would like to purchase their items immediately can scan the product barcode at the self checkout counters and pay using either their credit or debit cards. Furthermore, they can bid farewell to heavy and cumbersome shopping bags as their shopping purchases will be delivered directly to their doorstop. Click-and-Deliver!

The ZALORA Shop @ ION Orchard is located at #B2-04/05. It opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm, till end of January 2015.

Shop Mango Women’s Collection @ ZALORA Singapore.

. Shop at ZALORA Outlet Store .

Are you a fan of shopping at factory outlets? Well, here’s a great piece of news for online shopaholics like me because ZALORA Singapore has launched its very own outlet store. The ZALORA outlet store is housed separately from the main shopping site, where there is a wide collection of highly discounted or seasoned items specially for the bargain hunter!  A bigger bang for your buck!

Here are some of my favourite picks under the ZALORA Outlet Store:

69% off the MANGO loose-fit jersey dress, perfect for casual dates
zalora outlet store_!
40% off the quirky and adorable Karl Lagerfeld by Melissa heels
zalora outlet store_1
40% off a colourful and unique piece of chain necklace by Cheap Monday
zalora outlet store_2
Save BIG now when you shop at ZALORA Outlet Store!

. get a megawatt smile with express braces .

They say a smile is worth a thousand words. Too often, we underestimate the power of a smile – A simple action that could brighten our day and the lives of others. When I was a little girl, I had a pretty bad case of crowded and protruded teeth and was never proud to flaunt a smile. In fact, I had to wear braces for 5 whole years! For those of you who had undergone orthodontic treatment, you will understand the discomfort and pain caused by these braces. There is the constant ulcers and blisters, tightening of teeth, impairment of speech and of course, the reduced self-esteem. Imagine my excitement when my dentist finally gave the green-light to remove my braces at the end of my Secondary school years. Yet, I underestimated the need to wear retainers for life and over the next decade, my teeth shifted which resulted in a slight misalignment of my teeth.

My advice to those who had worn braces before? Don’t be lazy and wear your retainers every night, else don’t regret once your teeth have shifted.

BEFORE: Slight “bucks bunny” front teeth 
Needless to say, I miss my ‘close to perfect’ straight teeth. 2 years and over a thousand dollars later, I had tried different dental treatments, ranging from the good old retainer and clear aligners, to correct my misalignment. Both didn’t work. 😦 I was about to give up when I came across this new treatment offered at my dental clinic, Victoria Dental Care, appropriately termed as ‘Express Braces’. Frankly, I was not too keen about having a ‘metal mouth’ again but when I heard that ‘Express Braces’ offers straight teeth in less time and using clear discreet braces, I was sold. Sort-of instant gratification and I can still look presentable with the clear braces. Only downside? The price tag. It doesn’t come cheap.

express braces title
– Time: An average of 4- 9 months treatment time
– Discreet: Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wire that blend into your natural teeth
– Ideal for those who want a smile makeover without a long treatment time/ unnecessary removal tooth structure

AFTER: To correct the alignment of the front 2 teeth and push the bottom teeth inwards to have a better bite alignment.
Straight teeth 🙂

I was in braces for about 5 months, out of which 3.5 months were spent while I was in my halo vest/neck collar. In other words, on top of my metal contraption screwed to my head, I also had a mouth full of metal. Trust me, it was extremely uncomfortable to deal with both devices. The dental treatment itself didn’t cause much pain after the first  2 months (probably because most changes were made within the first couple of months) as the forces used were gentler than traditional braces. Dr. Mak is a very friendly and amicable dentist who never fails to puts me at ease so no worries about nasty dental stories/ experiences!

I’m glad I persevered, for now I’m happy to be able to flaunt my straight teeth! 🙂

Victoria Dental Care
Marina Square Link, #B1-11
Dentist: Dr Sue-Min Mak

* This is not an advertorial. Treatment cost was totally borne by me.

. set your summer style ablaze with ZALORA .

This summer, get ready to turn the heat up in these sunshine-friendly pieces from ZALORA Singapore. Create your own chic look this season with flirty dresses, graphic printed tops, denim shorts and bold accessories. Here are some of my top picks for your own stylish looks! 🙂

Flaunt your feminine curves in this floral bustier top! Wear it with a pair of sunshine yellow bejeweled sandals and a multicoloured flower ring to give your summer look a fun twist!

Zalora Summer 2014_2
Charm the boy with your feminine demeanor by pairing this sweet cut-out dress with a dainty gold daisy anklet and stylish sandals! The sexy peek-a-boo effects give this dress a mischievous yet sexy appeal, perfect for the summer date!

Zalora Summer 2014_3

 My summer loves from ZALORA:
1. White Embroidered Heart T-Shirt by Mango
2. Magic Dusts Bottled Necklace
3. Yellow Coin Woven Bracelet by River Island

zalora summerAfter a past couple of challenging months living in a “prison cage”, I wanted to celebrate the removal of my halo vest by making the first piece of clothes that I’ll be wearing in the longest time something different. Not my usual choice of summer flocks, shift dresses and graphic printed tops but something that resonates with me and my outlook in life. That’s when I fell instantly in love with the new MANGO embroidered  top offered on ZALORA. The subtle details on the t-shirt that reminds us to love life and live inspired, I love it. “You are what you wear” and I truly feel great to be donning something that inspires me to embrace my life despite its hardships. 🙂

Live. Love. Grow. 

zalora june ootd

. the walking nail service .

Living with a halo vest pretty much means that I have been home-bound for the past 2 months, with the occasional trips to various clinics. In all honesty, when you have a bulky metal contraption screwed into your head, it’s hard to feel attractive or pretty in the slightest way. So, I thought, why not pamper myself with a nice session of manicure and pedicure to spruce my life a little? At the very least, I’ll have pretty nails to look at (totally bimbotic)! :p

That is when ‘The Walking Nail Service‘ comes into the picture. Jeannie, the owner behind The Walking Nail Service, provides a wide range of house-call nail services, from classic gelish to organic spa treatments. For those who are looking for silky-soft hands and feet, you can also opt for the 100% natural and intensive Thermasoft Soyaffin treatment mask made from pure shea butter, beeswax and soy extracts. A luxurious treat, all in the comfort of your own home. And may I add, at very reasonable prices. 🙂

My past 2 experiences as a paying customer with Jeannie have been very enjoyable. She makes up for the lack of amenities and ambiance with her professionalism and personalised service. All tools are sanitized and cleaned before and after usage to ensure proper hygiene. What I like most is that Jeannie makes me feel comfortable and there is no hard-sell of packages or products, which is almost inevitable in commercial salons.

GSS nailsThe Walking Nail Service is having a massive Great Singapore Sales from now till 27 July 2014. Don’t miss out on this irresistible deal to enjoy up to 40% discount for all nail services!

Instagram: thewalkingnailservice
Whatsapp: 8488 8158

. Little Black Dress from ZALORA .

LBD quote

I am very sure that the classic quote from Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld resonates with every lady out there. The Little Black Dress is an iconic fashion symbol that will never go out of style and a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. It is perfect for all occasions, be it a hot date, cocktail party or even for work! With the season of weddings coming up, I turn to one of my favourite online retailer, ZALORA, for some help on getting my perfect LBD.

This Little Black Bodycon Dress by Something Borrowed is a stunning piece with its very own twist. It features sexy cut-out mesh panel detailing and white scallop hems running at all the right places and enhances your feminine curves! Trust me, you are bound to receive many compliments and lots of attention with this gorgeous yet uniquely designed LBD! Make a bold statement by pairing this monochrome dress with a playful Rainbow Drop Necklace to add a dash of colours and fun! 

On a separate note, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Add a touch of play to your life by getting quirky and fun trinkets to accessorize your outfits! I have my Robot Love Ring ($5.90) from ZALORA to put a smile to my face. What’s yours? 

Shop at ZALORA SG for your very own Litle Black Dress now!

zalora logo

. sights: inspired by antoinette .

Sights: French chic-inspired nails for the Lunar New Year.
Not quite the typical design for the Chinese festivity but I enjoy being different.
Loving the uh-huh, middle fingers! :p