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. Christmas: design your gifts for loved ones .

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, it’s a time for joyous celebration and giving! ❄ ❅  ☃ It is always a festive season that I’m looking forward to! 🙂

As most of you would have known by now, 2014 has been a very remarkable year for me. In retrospect, it holds many painful and heartbreaking memories for me – physically, emotionally and mentally – but I stood strong and courageous in times of extreme adversity and came out of this experience, knowing just how resilient I can be. “When we challenge everything we believe we are, we reveal that which we never knew about our own selves.” Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to go through this tumultuous journey alone and that’s why I’m so thankful to have the support and love from family and friends alike. This Christmas, in the spirit of giving and sharing, I hope to be able to design and personalise one-of-a-kind gifts for my loved ones!

Glitterybitz, an independent and artsy retailer, is a strong believer that everyone should be able to express their freedom in creating their own fashion styles and looks, rather than simply following the latest trends. Not only do they carry their own line of in-house design pieces but they also allow you to customize your own accessories with your favourite pictures and quotes.
Be uniquely yours and design your own accessory.

Here are 2 of my very own customized pieces with Glitterybitz!

One of my favourite quirky quote from Tumblr: Eat A Lot. Sleep A Lot. 
Pretty much describes my life these days. Work, Eat, Sleep. Repeat. 
My ultimate favourite: A captured moment of Archie showering me with love and affection, nicely displayed on my handphone dustcap. In fact, I had several friends and colleagues who had spotted the image on the dustcap and were interested to learn more about it!
Check out the wide range of handmade accessories from Glitterybitz at

Want a bigger bang for your buck?
Get 10% discount when you quote “Glitterybitz x Stephanie” when ordering from Glitterybitz.  Treat yourself or a loved one to a personalised gift this Christmas!

. Halloween @ Woodgrove 2014 .

Do you know that Halloween is the second most popular family occasion after Christmas in United States? Likewise, it is fast becoming one of the most celebrated holiday in Singapore, with people from all walks of life splashing hundreds of dollars on parties and costumes. Amid the many club parties and scary events, there lies a neighbourhood that goes all out to celebrate the spirit of good old Trick-or-Treat.

Halloween at Woodgrove estate is a celebration, like no other on our red dot. Every year on 31 October, thousands of people – locals and expats – from all over the island flock to Woodgrove, where the huge houses are decked in spooky and ghoulish decorations. Think skeletons and coffins. There was even a house that went all out to give this family-friendly event a dose of spookiness – It had a fog machine to produce an eerie atmosphere and several automated life-like mannequins, similar to those that you would expect to spot in a haunted house attraction! Darn cool. While some people had opted to don scary outfits for this event (Sadako is still a classic choice), you will be surprised to see that most were very creative with their choice of PG costumes. Some of my personal favourites are Starbucks and popcorn, family of superheros (Hot mummy as Wonder Woman and 3 adorable boys as Ironman, Spiderman and Batman), and mime artists!

And this is the reason why Halloween @ Woodgrove is an annual street party not to be missed; It offers the quintessential Halloween experience and remains as my no. 1 place to visit for Halloween every year! Unlike the past couple of years where I was too lazy to dress up, I decided to be a little more “hardworking” this year and went as Supergirl with her superdog (Simba)! The couple-matching costume might sound a tad tacky but trust me, it was a winning combination that had attracted A LOT of attention. So much so that little Simba refused to walk and had to be carried around because he was overwhelmed by the excessive amount of attention. Well, can’t blame him as everyone was cooing and fawning over the little Superdog – He was the star of the night!

To fully immerse in the traditional trick-or-treat experience, my mum suggested that we give out sweet treats to the hordes of people while on-the-move. Thanks to her fantastic idea, we became instant ‘celebrities’ and had a non-stop stream of trick-or-treaters of all ages coming to us for candies and chocolates … It was, I must say, quite chaotic! All in the spirit of fun and giving. 🙂 I might have outgrown the age of trick-or-treat a long time ago (!!!) but thanks to my ever enthusiastic and amazing family and friends (Soy, Swiss, Adeline and their girlfriends), Halloween @ Woodgrove’ 2014 will always have a special place in my heart.

IMG_544707405064166 (1)




. sunset cruise with the doggies .

With the increasing fondness for pet ownership, it is not surprising that many pet owners are now pampering their pets more often than before. 5-star pet hotel complete with 24 hrs air-conditioning and camera for video skype, doggy spa treatments, animal daycare and even, doga (yoga for dogs!), you name it and they got it! And yours truly is one of those who’s guilty of pampering her furkids with treats, doggy apparel and even a doll-sized bed for Simba although that investment turned out to be redundant eventually. Too easy to spend a lady’s money, isn’t it? Lol.

I have been toying with the idea of bringing the dogs out on a boat ever since I first read about the pet cruise a couple years back but it has never quite materialized. So, when my aunt who’s also a dog lover and owner returned to Singapore for the holidays, we decided to go ahead with this long awaited plan! Little Simba didn’t join in the fun as he has a severe case of motion sickness so we didn’t want to risk having him feeling sick throughout the boat ride. Trust me, it’s no joke having to clean their vomit every few minutes when all you want is a hassle-free experience.

pet cruise 6
Pet Cruise offers several cruise options – 2 hours boat ride to Coney Island/ Punggol Park where you can bring your furry counterparts for a swim/walk or 1.5hrs sunset cruise to watch the romantic sunset. Aside from the fact that I’m a sucker for sunset views, neither Archie nor Frosty are not fans of swimming so we opted for the sunset cruise. Plus, it gave me an excuse to avoid the chaotic shower scene, where we will have to battle with the crazy flying fur. It’s a nightmare! Paid $250 for the boat ride (max. 10 pax, including dogs) which, in my opinion, is very reasonable.

Our 2 very special and important guests for the day: Archie & Frosty
pet cruise 4
My favourite candid shot of the day – Archie and me looking out into the sea
pet cruise 8

pet cruise 1
pet cruise 2
pet cruise 10
Needless to say, the human beings enjoyed ourselves tremendously and even had a tea (or pre-dinner) picnic on board! Just chilling and relaxing on a lazy Sunday evening although we didn’t catch the sunset as it was pretty hazy.

The question is, did the dogs enjoy it too? Well, I think they did! Caught Archie poking his head in-between the railings many times to catch the evening breeze and admire the scenery. My reward? Him expressing his happiness by showering me with sloppy kisses all over my face! :p Frosty also seemed contented to bask in the ambiance and take in the sights of the passing ships.  They went home tired but really happy, and so did we.  

pet cruise 3
pet cruise 7
Check out Pet Cruise Singapore for more details on how you may pamper your furkids in a special way! 🙂

. my dog is smarter than me .

He chases away my MONDAY BLUES!

. weekend: bits and pieces .

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. halo vest: life behind bars .

Got your attention, didn’t I? This particular post is written specially for those of you who might have chanced upon this blog by searching for terms such as “C2 neck fracture” or “halo vest”. My guess is that you might have found yourself in the same shoes as me – Currently nursing a c2 neck fracture with a halo vest.

Hello There! 🙂 Since my accident, I had a couple of friends who prompted me to share my experience with others on my blog and it has been something on the back of my mind since. Reading other people’s experiences of coping with a neck fracture and living with a halo vest had helped me tremendously to adjust to a new lifestyle so I would also like to do my part and pay it forward.

To get you started, here are a couple of other neck injury related entries:
(1) The Accident, (2) Being bedridden, (3) Thankful for the second chance at life

Life behind Bars


Life in a halo vest is certainly no walk in the park. In fact, second to lying on my back 24/7 for 10 days in the hospital, it’s the next hardest thing I have to deal with. For the first couple of days, I unleashed a floodgate of tears as it was difficult moving around with this 4kg metal contraption screwed into my head, let alone trying to adapt to a normal life. Not forgetting the frequent backache, shoulder ache and neck pain. 

But trust me, life will get better after the initial weeks. I’ll be honest and real  with you to say that you will need to make major adjustments to your life and be dependent on others, but it can only get better. 🙂  There are days that get incredibly hard but I always tell myself that I’m very lucky and blessed to have survived a broken neck and this halo vest is giving my neck the chance to heal by itself and hopefully regain most of its original mobility. So yes, despite the fact that living in a halo vest is a bitch most of the time, I’m thankful that it’s keeping me alive and I try make the most out of it.

Is it even possible for you to sleep with this thing on your head?
Oh yes. In fact, as bone healing requires a lot of energy, I sleep more than I ever did before my injury. Make that 12-15 hours a day. But it is usually interrupted blocks of sleep as I tend to wake up at every 2-3 hours interval. Personally, I find it most comfortable sleeping 60 degrees upright, on my back, on a recliner. Put a small towel in between your neck and the bars for extra comfort.

Can you remove the vest to shower?
Unfortunately, no as you have to wear this halo vest 24/7. What I do is to wet a small towel with diluted soap and sponge bathe; My mum helps me to clean my back while I do the front. It is, however, not an issue to shower the lower part of the body.


How about washing your hair?
Personally, this is a nightmare for my family and me as we have tried various methods to wash my hair but to no avail. On this note, I must say that I’m very lucky to have a stylist who’s willing to go the extra mile and wash my hair for me. Living in the tropics with high humidity means my hair gets oily and dirty very fast so I try to make do with twice weekly visits to the hair salon although slight dandruff still remains as a problem. 😦


How do you even fit into any of your clothes?
Well, I don’t. Honestly, I don’t even wear any top when I’m at home. For modesty sake, I’ll have a handkerchief covering my private bits at the front and another at the back but otherwise, I pretty much walk around “naked”. This is also the only time I can go bra-less with a valid reason lol. When I do head out, I’ll usually don a large-sized boyfriend shirt over the vest. Or a boho dress for special occasions.

I miss exercising!
Trust me, I do too. With yoga and aerial arts out of the picture (and for a long time to come),
 I felt like I had lost a tiny part of my identity. As I had mentioned earlier, bone healing takes up an incredible amount of energy and I get tired and sleepy pretty easily these days. All the hard work gone into working out my core and muscles seem to have gone to waste. 😦  Welcome flabs! But I know how important sleep/rest is to aid in recovery so I’ll do whatever it takes for a faster and complete recovery.

What else do you do to fill up your day?
Sleep! Honestly, I used to have such a hectic lifestyle that I hardly have the luxury to do nothing. I know it sounds so cliché but I do reflect a lot about life and try to take each day as it comes. These days, I seek pleasure in catching up on many shows – From American sitcoms to drama crimes to documentary shows – , reading, playing with my 3 lovable dogs and catching up on a backlog of blog entries. It certainly helps that my relatives and friends ensure that I have some form of social interaction by visiting me at my place. 🙂

Oh yes, I even booked myself a house-call manicure and pedicure just to pamper myself!PhotoGrid_1398677865478

. sights: my dog loves beer .


. my dog ❤ me .

PLC_archie and me
A picture speaks a thousand words.
We won again! 🙂 Would love to thank all my friends who have helped to pick this particular picture.

. tags for the 3 naughty ones .

dog tags

. my pet, my joy ! .

The Sunday Times’ Pets Corner celebrated the World Animal Day 2013 back in the month of September and shared the joy by publishing some of their favourite contest pictures for 2013. Guess whose picture was featured? :p

my pet my joy!