. life in cubes – Sept .

If any of you have been wondering about my lack of online presence, that’s because blogging has, indeed, fall to the bottom of my priority list at the moment. Between work and being a hot yoga addict, I’ve also been busy attending friends’ weddings & baby showers (I feel old!), trying my hand at pole dancing at Groove (hello bruises!), being a better mum to our boys aka furkids, planning for the boy’s birthday and my family’s year-end trip to New Zealand! Whee!

Am looking forward to the last quarter of the year as I have many plans in-store for the next 3 mths. Yacht + Halloween @ USS party with my colleagues. The boy’s birthday celebration. My good friend, Sara, is coming back to Singapore for a visit so I expect that we’ll be spending lots of time catching up! An adventure in NZ. Hopefully, the boy & I will also be able to squeeze in some time to get our open sea scuba dive certification – been procrastinating for way too long!

4 responses to “. life in cubes – Sept .

  1. You’re looking great, girl! Been wanting to take up yoga, but I have to find time. 🙂

  2. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog =) You go to green yoga? I live ard thomson and have seen the studio around. Considering going over as Fitnessfirst at amk hub is always so crowded. Hows the studio? Can do a review? Thanks!

    • Hi Adeline.

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, i have been to Green Yoga 4 times using the groupon deal. Will love to do a review of it soon. 🙂 Im currently going to Real Yoga but might consider heading to Green Yoga after my membership ends because it’s only a 5 mins ride from my place. Only problem is that it’s pretty expensive.

      • Thanks. Pls do a review soon! Too bad the groupon deal is over… I might go for their 1 week trial
        If it’s more expensive but closer to your home, it might work out to be cheap still if you can get yourself to go more often haha

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