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My stint as a guest contributor for CozyCot & The Green Corridor :


Feb : Charming Cambodia

March : Tempat Senang

April: A Taste of Local Delights

May: Spa Vacation – Knowing your options

Sex & Love

April : Body Language – Beyond Words

The Green Corridor

Bukit Timah Railway Station

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station


Footsteps of the Faithful

Heritage Along Footpaths

Featured on

Family News

6 responses to “i write for

  1. Hi, I will like to send you an invite to an open house. How can I do that via email?

  2. Would you be keen to consider accepting an invitation to experience one of the latest hotels in Singapore? If so how can I contact you directly? Thanks.

  3. Hi, I would like to check how do I contact you directly? I would like to send you an email regarding an event (:

  4. Hai blogger.. I am Elvin Tee. May I have your Facebook account or you can search my name at Facebook Elvin Tee. I have some business want to cooperate with you =)

  5. Hey blisshic,

    I am very impressed by your portfolio, and with an upcoming event that could use a touch of your influence, would you care to share with me your email address, so that I may forward you the details? Hint, this event involves a good time, good music, good food and interesting cocktails.

    Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

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