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. 73 months .

Today marks the 73rd month that we have been together since that New Year’s Day when the boy asked me to be the girlfriend. Back in the honeymoon days where love was still young and pure, all we could think of was romantic love. Perfect and oxytocin-filled moments where we would stroll along the beach at dusk, explore every nook and cranny on the little red dot, take thousands of pictures together, kiss and make out all day … You get the drift. Love – like those you see in Hollywood romantic movies – was all that we needed to keep us moving into the future together.

Yet, as real life would have it, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. With more commitments on our plate, it’s easy to approach the relationship with a practical streak rather than a romantic one. Gone are the lovely-dovey days where you both felt intoxicated by love. Real life sets in. Work takes precedence, resulting in lesser quality time as a couple. There are more bills to pay and we find ourselves arguing incessantly over financial issues and stability. Being a parent to 3 furkids is nowhere as demanding as being a real parent but it comes with a huge responsibility and challenges us to test our team-work skills as a couple. Frustration. Exasperation. Discontentment. Hurt. Love tears you apart, leaving you at your most vulnerable and insecure stage at times. And even before reality begins to sink in, both parties seem to be running in the opposite directions. No one ever says that it is easy to maintain and sustain a relationship. To those who think that all we need is love – Oh boy, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like everything else in our life, we need to put in the effort and work hard to keep a relationship going. To not take each other for granted but instead, count your blessings and cherish what you have. In life, change is the only constant. Inevitably, we grow and change as individuals. What we are today – our character, behavior, preferences in life, interest, etc – most probably differs from what we were half a decade ago. Instead of going with the flow and think that fate will make it all work out for us, it is even more important to bridge the gap and strengthen the relationship so that we may grow together, as a unit. 

For our 73rd month, I would like to dedicate this pictorial entry to “You, Me and Us“. This is the 3rd couple photo-shoot that we took about a year ago with Firefly Photography, using a cheap groupon deal! To make things even more special, we had a tiny but loud special guest with us for this shoot! 🙂 Previous couple photoshoot: 2010: whimsical photoshoot with Yen from Vanilla Minuet. 2012: fun at Macritchie reservoir with Lumiere Photography via another groupon deal.










. becoming CSI for an hour .

Reality room escape games are all in the rage lately, with probably no less than 10 companies in Singapore playing host to people from all walks to life who are willing to pay to get locked up in a tiny room! Lol. What a sadistic idea, right? Not wanting to miss an opportunity to challenge ourselves to escape from the locked room, my group of uni friends, the boy and I wanted to put our wits to test to solve these infamous mind-bogging puzzles and games! ESCAPE!

Our choice of room? A serial murder is on the loose. Dismembered and bloody body parts scattered around the city. A skull. Severed hands and feet. Be extremely observant and you will find the clues right under your nose. You got it right! We are the Crime Scene Investigation team! I’m an avid fan of the entire CSI series (CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY) so you can pretty much imagine my excitement when we were given the “CSI: Dismembered Body” room. Having said that, in real life – We are a group made up of a real estate agent, marketing executives, research analyst, banking executive and nightlife manager. In other words, we don’t exactly offer the typical skill sets required from the CSI team lol! Trouble on the rise? Oh no.

My experience. Well, there’s a reason why these escape room games require us to “think our way out” and not “find our way out”. In fact, the very first clue had left us absolutely so clueless that we spent 20 mins of our only hour scrambling around, without having an idea of what to lookout for! In the end, we had to call the helpline for assistance because we were in a state of despondency.  Make that a couple of times. Situation was a tad tense at times because everyone was struggling to find a clue and capture the “murderer” but we pretty much kept our cool. 🙂 To sum it up, to escape from the room requires a mix of good observation skills, being attentive to tiny details, powers of reasoning and perhaps, a touch of good luck. Needless to say, we weren’t 1 of the few teams that managed to make it out in time by the 1-hour mark although we did eventually escape, with some time extension and a lot of help from the staff. Hahahaha. Not too shabby for our 1st attempt. Despite the fact that we didn’t “survive” the toughest room, I must say that everyone had enjoyed themselves tremendously and it was good team effort. Looking forward to solving more puzzles and games with them in our next lock-down! :p

CSI: Dismembered Body Room
Difficulty Level: 5 out of 5
Fear Factor: 1 out of 5 
* Bright lighting, no eerie music or props
Fun Factor: 3.5 out of 5

 The Escape Artist
Address: 52A Prinsep Street #01-01
Singapore 188683
Telephone: 6883 1540 Cost: $22 to 28/pax per session

the escape artist_csi 1

the escape artist_csi 2

. birthday staycation: PARKROYAL on pickering .

27 birthday!
So …It’s the time of the year that the boy turns a year older and as with tradition, we’ve always prefer an intimate and cozy birthday celebration. Will leave the wild partying night out to his boys to do the job. :p As luck would have it, my first choice of a staycation – W Hotel at Sentosa Cove – was not able to accommodate us during the birthday weekend hence leaving me with little time to scramble for other options.

However, it didn’t take that long for me to settle for another hotel as I found myself falling instantly in love with the mini infinity pool with giant-sized bird cages, a signature design for PARKROYAL on Pickering. Honestly, how can you say no to this picture?

The winning picture that won me over.
park royal pickeringsource

Booked our 1st ever club room (Orchid Deluxe King Room) where we enjoyed club lounge privileges such as all day refreshments (all inclusive breakfast & dinner), free flow evening cocktails, complimentary non-alcoholic executive bar (I ❤)  and exclusive access to the outdoor rooftop terraces. Basically, we felt like we were king and queen for 24 hours. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Watch more TV. Pig out on instant noodles for supper. Sleep. Chilling by the pool and bird cages. And to cap it all, a late check-out.

Fluffy Pillows. Clean Cotton. King-sized Bed. Bathtub. And a view to boot.

park royal at pickering

love bird cagespool sidestupid faces
Happy Birthday, my boy! 🙂

. new year’s eve & new year 2013 .

For the past couple of years, the countdown to the new year has always been a cozy family celebration with my parents. Treated them to a relatively disappointing NYE buffet at Hotel Re!, where we joined hundred of others feasting on our last meal of 2012! To be fair, the buffet dinner was a last-min offer on DEAL so we should have expected a sub-standard quality of food. Fortunately, none of us are food critics so we were able to put the food aside to simply enjoy the company that we had. =)

Spent the last couple of hours of the past year with people from all walks of life in the New Year’s countdown and firework extravaganza at Gardens by the Bay. Honestly, it has been too many years since I caught a massive fireworks display and I can never quite figure out the reason why so many Singaporeans would rather squeeze with the maddening crowd for that fleeting spectacle of fireworks . However, on that special night, the stunning display of fireworks illuminated the night sky over CBD and took my breath away… An absolutely beautiful sight to remember for the many years to come. Nonetheless, it came with a small ‘sacrifice’ as it took us an awfully long 2hrs to get home from the gardens instead of the usual 20 mins! =p

nye food



5th anniversary
To mark our “half a decade of happiness & sorrow”, the boy decided to surprise me by treating us to a luxurious lunch at Salt Grill  & Sky Bar (ION Orchard) by Australian celebrity chef, Luke Mangan. Perched atop of ION building (level 55), this fine dining restaurant offers diners with the rare opportunity to dine on a delectable menu with a magnificent 360 degree view of the city and beyond (Catch a glimpse of CBD, Chinatown, Clarke Quay and even neighbouring housing estates!). To kick-start our dining experience, we had to take a private lift tucked in a quiet corner of the mall that is decked with visuals of clouds. Hence, the interesting lift ride to the top of ION pretty much made us felt as if we flying through the clouds to Heaven.

Unlike many reviewers on TA, I personally felt that the portions at Salt Grill are not as bite-sized/tiny as compared to the other fine dining restaurants that I have visited previously. The warm and crispy bread, paired with olive oil and a fusion of spices, was definitely one of the best that I ever had and this is coming from someone who doesn’t fancy carbs. Our main course (blue fin tuna and steak) were delicious albeit nothing too special. Surprisingly, the popular crab omelette dish and oyster tempura with wakame salad had a lovely fusion of flavours and were cooked to perfection!

For those who are interested to head to Salt Grill restaurant for the special occasion, be prepared to have deep pockets – It costed the boy about $250 for 3 appetizers, 2 mains and 1 dessert.

My ratings!
Food: 4 stars out of 5
Ambiance: 4.5 stars out of 5
Service: 4 stars out of 5
Value: 3.5 stars out of 5

Oyster tempura with wakame salad and wasabi dressing ($36)
Crab omelette, miso and mustard broth, enoki and asian herb salad ($29)

Pan seared scallops, black pudding sausage, crushed peas, red wine reduction ($29)20130101_130127e

Blue fin tuna in dijon mustard and toasted sesame seeds, wasabi
aioli ($50)

Ribeye 300g Cape Grim Tasmania grass fed BBQ spice ($69)

Happy 5th Anniversary, my boy!  
❤ 사랑해요❤ 


. staycation: Capri by Fraser .

Although the boy and I love the idea of having a weekend staycation right in Singapore, the relatively high cost of a hotel stay has deterred us from having too many staycations. Thanks to Frasers Hospitality and Dunbar-Jones & Associates, the boy and I were given the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive 3 days & 2 nights full-board stay at the hotel where suite meets apartment.

Designed to meet the lifestyle needs of the digital and tech-savvy generation, Capri by Fraser cuts through the conformity of typical hotels by offering residents an extensive range of facilities and customisable services together with the comfort and convenience of a full serviced residence.

+ 5 mins walk from EXPO Mrt
+ Urban chic vibe
+High-speed and free Wi-Fi
+ E-services such as an iPad-activated check-in and e-Concierge

+ A kitchenette where you may cook in the comfort of your own room
+ Entertainment in every self-service launderette
+ Contemporary art installations
+ Free steam & sauna facilities

+ Free happy hour for guests (6-7pm)


A first in Singapore hospitality, the hotel pool even comes with a state-of-the-art-hydro treadmill that’s ideal for those who need a gentle workout.

An interactive eConcierge
Plan your itinerary in Singapore with a touch 

The Pod
A social space for the visitors to lounge and relax

A Quirky Touch To A Business Hotel

Capri by Fraser features an eclectic and stunning mix of art installations throughout the hotel residence that adds to its chic and trendy style. Prominently showcased throughout the hotel residence’s public areas, these abstract forms of art add a delightful variation of colours, shapes and textures that create a sense of style and realism in each distinctive social space, where white spaces converge as a natural canvas to showcase these magnificent art pieces. 

Passing with Flying Colours
Artist David Kracov

Go with the Flow
Artist David Kracov

Blow glass art installation

Jumper, Jori and Then As Now
Artist Rainer Laggerman

Left: The Old Pine Eternity Tree, Artist Lee Gil Rae
Right: Men On The Road, Artist Daisy Boman
* my fav art installation

Although there is no shortage of restaurants and diners for guests living at Capri (lots of food places at Changi City Point which is located next to the hotel), the hotel also offers a range of dining options for those who prefer to stay-in. There’s Caprilicious that offers all day dining, Delite cafe where you can grab a light bite on-the-go and of course, 24/7 in-room dining services! 

Food Quality: *** 1/2 out of 5
Value for your buck: *** 1/2 out of 5

Happy Hour for guests: 6-7pm every Mon-Fri

At 32 sq m, the Studio Superior room that we stayed in is relatively bigger than most of the superior hotel rooms available in boutique hotels. A comfortable size for guests who are looking for a short-term accommodation.

Comes with an ergonomic chair that’s great for business travelers

In-room private kitchenette where you may do your own cooking

Complimentary natural-based toiletries from Malin + Goetz (love it!)
* Once again, the first hotel in Singapore to bring this exclusive brand of products.

All utensils, cutlery and pots are provided as part of your stay in this serviced apartment

View of the roof-garden of Changi City Point from our room window

Presenting … The Studio Grand, the biggest room (70 sq m) available in Capri by Fraser. It’s about twice the size of the Studio Superior room and comes with a relatively large outdoor terrace. It even has a day bed for those who would like to enjoy the breeze and sun (I wanna get that for my future house)! At $262 a night, I must say that it is a pretty attractive price and I might just consider making a reservation for special occasions! 🙂


Want some form of entertainment during your staycation? Well, Capri by Fraser has it all planned out for the guests. Offering the integrated launderettes, guests are now able to either play games or exercise while waiting for their laundry. AWESOME! 🙂

The ‘Spin & Play’ recreation room is actually my fav place in Capri by Fraser! 🙂 The boy had a good workout punching some kick-ass punches (thanks to his Muay Thai workout) while I had a rolling good time trying to keep up with the dance steps on Dance Central! I must confess that I really do have 2 left feet lol.

Types of activities offered in the launderettes across the 12 floors:

+ TRX suspension trainer
+ Cicollette

+ Punching Bag
* the boy’s favourite
+ iPad
+ Wii
+ Xbox 360 Kinect
* my favourite! Dance Central!
+ Foosball

It’s ratings time … Time for my verdict!

Location: **** out of 5
Good for business executives & associates who work in Changi Business Park
Located within a stone’s throw from Expo MRT and Changi City Point

Ambiance: *** 1/2 out of 5
A hotel with a touch of style & quirk

Facilities: *** 1/2 out of 5
The usual facilities aside ( 24/7 dining, swimming pool, gym), I love the fact that Capri by Fraser also offers an in-room kitchenette and a ‘Spin & Play’ recreation room! Having Wii and Xbox games made my hotel stay even more fun than I expected.

Service: **** out of 5
The staff are generally very approachable and friendly without being too fake (you know how some service people tend to be a little too ‘forced’). I also appreciated the fact that the GM, Raymond, made an effort to chat with the boy and me thus adding a personal touch to our staycation.

Once again, I would like to thank Shi Lin & Raymond from Frasers Hospitality and Janice from Dunbar-Jones & Associates for extending the invitation to me! 🙂

Capri by Fraser
3 Changi Business Park, Central 1

Website :

. halloween: our 1st carved pumpkins .

Traditions have always played a huge part in Halloween – Dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood and of course, pumpkin carving. This year, the boy and I decided to celebrate our first Halloween together by carving our very 1st pumpkins! By the way, these imported baby pumpkins do not come cheap – each costing about $11!

As always, the boy was ambitious and opted a more complicated design while yours truly took the safe route for a first-timer and chose the easy smile design. The verdict is out! Most of our friends prefer the boy’s sinister pumpkin smile! :p

Do you know that carving pumpkins are different from your usual cooking pumpkins? There’s basically no meat in the carving pumpkins, only countless of seeds!

The Sinister Smile

The Cheerful Smile



Trick-or-Treat @ Woodgrove

Want to be part of an authentic traditional Halloween experience? Why not head to the housing estate of Woodgrove (at Woodlands) where thousands of families and children were dressed up in all kinds of costumes (the scary, the sexy, the funny, etc) for trick-or-treat! Houses were decorated with skeletons, cobwebs, pumpkins and all sorts of gruesome stuff, thus making Woodgrove quite the little horror estate!

Anyway, that was exactly where the boy and I found ourselves at on the evening of 31st October … It was truly an experience like no other and we are definitely looking forward to making a return trip next year! 🙂

. passing the quarter mark celebration .

 Unlike the previous birthday celebrations, I decided to do away with extravagant birthday surprises this year and opted for a relatively simple affair. 1 Oreo Cheesecake. 1st visit to a dog cafe. A seafood fiesta dinner for 2. 1st ever Halloween celebration together at FrightFest 2012. That pretty much sums up our simple but perfectly wonderful day.

to my favourite boy in the world …
Happy 26th Birthday!

We are The Furballs (WTF) Cafe
45 East Coast Road

Singapore’s 1st dog playhouse. 6 small dog breeds. 1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 1 Toy Poodle. 1 Daschund. 1 French Bulldog. 1 Mini Maltese. 1 Mini Pomeranian. 6 x the fun.

Adopting the concept of cat cafe from Japan, WTF Cafe (love the name lol) is Singapore’s 1st dog cafe that allows people to experience the joys of a canine companionship without bearing the responsibility of ownership. A visit to the dog cafe would set you back about $6.50 (weekday) or $7.50 (weekend) for 1 bubble tea drink and unlimited hours of cuddling time with the 4-legged companions.

 No thanks to the weekend crowd, the dog cafe was packed to capacity with several groups of teenagers and families who wanted to play with the lovable puppies. In fact, there were times when I felt that we had to jostle to get the puppies’ attention as there were about 20 people and only 6 puppies.

In an increasingly stressful society where it’s a norm for people to work long hours, pet cafes like WTF Cafe fill the void of those looking for animal companionship. During our 1 and 1/2 hour visit, we had seen families with children in tow, dog owners with their small breed dogs (only small breed dogs are allowed entry to the dog playhouse), youngsters and couples out on a unique date. Not too bad for a novelty concept in Singapore although only time will tell if this will eventually translate into a winning formula.


The 6 puppies are generally friendly and adorable though some appeared to be quite nonchalant about our presence. Or perhaps, I’m just biased as every dog owner think nothing but the BEST of their dogs and I never fail to have the full attention of my furry boys most of the time! LOL.


LuLu, the poodle that ❤ to cuddle and sleep on anyone’s lap!

Lola, the mini Pomeranian that looks uncannily like our latest k9 addition to the family, Simba!

Mochi, the super tiny Maltese that is quite the hot fav with most of the customers.

Our favourite dog at WTF – Bui Bui, the french bulldog with the perpetually miserable but adorable frown. 

Prawns Overload @ Seafood Paradise

FrightFest 2012 – The Undead Forest
@ Singapore Flyer

Halloween – It’s actually my favourite holiday right after Christmas! 🙂 Looking back, I’ve been celebrating All Hallows’ Eve almost every year since my JC days … It’s funny how I seek so much pleasure in paying to get scared. And trust me, boy do I scream my guts out!

Ironically, the boy and I have never ever celebrate Halloween together since he’s always working. That’s what you get when you have a boyfriend who works in the nightlife & entertainment industry – Be prepared to bid farewell to celebrating festive occasions together!

This year, we ventured into the Undead Forest @ Singapore Flyer where we came face-to-face with both Oriental and Western characters inspired by popular spine-chilling horror movies. Hell hath no fury like a spirit’s scorn! Having experienced many other scarier haunted attractions, I must say that the FrightFest is probably 1 of the least frightening and most predictable haunted attraction. We could even spot some of the spirits from a distance away – Kinda spoils the “shocking” factor lol.

Scare Factor: *** out of 5
* Part of a DEAL bundle package – $28 for admission to FrightFest 2012, a ride on the 6D XD Motion Ride and river cruise. Very worth it!

Can you believe that I actually fell for the touristy gimmicks and spent a bomb to purchase an instant polaroid of us in action with the infamous Ghostface from SCREAM? ❤ the boy’s expression! Classic!

. the birthday boy … 26 times .


Marriage lets you annoy 1 special person for the rest of your life.

Saw this picture from Serene’s blog and I couldn’t help but to agree on how true the quote is. Granted, I’m not married and not on the way of getting hitched anytime soon. And please, no more question on when is it my turn to get married. When we do eventually decide to walk down the aisle, trust me that you guys will hear about  it. Lol.

The boy and I have been together for about close to half a decade now – Long enough to know that we actually annoy the hell out of each other at times. For instance, how I dislike that I always have to nag at him whenever he leaves used tissue papers and ARCHIE comics all over the room. His erratic working hours which leave us with basically no full day to go on a proper date. His constant craving for Japanese food almost 90% of the time we go out on dates. 


I love that the boy is always asking for a cuddle and hug in the middle of the night when we are in bed.

When I’m down with menstrual cramps or suffering from bouts of severe headaches, he’s there for me with a bottle of warm drink and pills.

Attending hot yoga classes with me even though yoga is never his cup of tea.

Come every Friday evening, he brings home supper for the both of us – Always a delicious set of nasi lemak and a bottle of water chestnut for me. What a great start to the weekend!

Attending to the needs of the 3 rascals (our dogs) whenever I need some time alone, be it cleaning their pee/poo or giving them  a good shower.

He is my pillar of strength and confidence when we attend dog obedience training lessons with Archie & Frosty because I’m just a total ball of nerves. I admit that I lose it very easily when the dogs start barking and lunging in public and thank god that the boy’s there to instill a sense of calmness in me.

He ensures that I’m never hungry as he’s the better cook between the 2 of us. Make that the only one who cooks as yours truly is hardly ever to be spotted near the stove.

And despite being together for close to 5 yrs, my heart still plunges and I get the ‘butterfly feeling’ when I reach out to hold his hands occasionally.

 Happy 26th Birthday, my boy! You’re officially past the quarter mark!

. life in cubes – Sept .

If any of you have been wondering about my lack of online presence, that’s because blogging has, indeed, fall to the bottom of my priority list at the moment. Between work and being a hot yoga addict, I’ve also been busy attending friends’ weddings & baby showers (I feel old!), trying my hand at pole dancing at Groove (hello bruises!), being a better mum to our boys aka furkids, planning for the boy’s birthday and my family’s year-end trip to New Zealand! Whee!

Am looking forward to the last quarter of the year as I have many plans in-store for the next 3 mths. Yacht + Halloween @ USS party with my colleagues. The boy’s birthday celebration. My good friend, Sara, is coming back to Singapore for a visit so I expect that we’ll be spending lots of time catching up! An adventure in NZ. Hopefully, the boy & I will also be able to squeeze in some time to get our open sea scuba dive certification – been procrastinating for way too long!

. chicken soup for the soul .

The worst part? Falling ill and staying in bed over the entire weekend. The best part? The boyfriend making a hot pot of french onion soup for me. The boy preparing a bowl of piping hot soup and get this, not from a microwave meal, is simply 1 of the sweetest gesture that touches my heart. Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? 🙂