Monthly Archives: September 2012

. life in cubes – Sept .

If any of you have been wondering about my lack of online presence, that’s because blogging has, indeed, fall to the bottom of my priority list at the moment. Between work and being a hot yoga addict, I’ve also been busy attending friends’ weddings & baby showers (I feel old!), trying my hand at pole dancing at Groove (hello bruises!), being a better mum to our boys aka furkids, planning for the boy’s birthday and my family’s year-end trip to New Zealand! Whee!

Am looking forward to the last quarter of the year as I have many plans in-store for the next 3 mths. Yacht + Halloween @ USS party with my colleagues. The boy’s birthday celebration. My good friend, Sara, is coming back to Singapore for a visit so I expect that we’ll be spending lots of time catching up! An adventure in NZ. Hopefully, the boy & I will also be able to squeeze in some time to get our open sea scuba dive certification – been procrastinating for way too long!

. life in cubes .

Little dates with the boy – Cafes & Movies. Fresh manicure. Go-kart racing with friends in the rain in JB. My adorable nephew’s 1st month celebration. Introducing a new member to our family – BLUEY, the fighting fish aka our most hassle-free pet. I   my boys (the human one included) & more … I cannot imagine a life without them in the picture.