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. yoga & reiki with Tirisula Yoga .

Last year, my interest to further my yoga practice fueled my desire to bring it to another level by enrolling in a 50 hours intensive yoga course at Tirisula Yoga. Unlike most typical yoga studios, Tirisula Yoga is primarily a yoga teacher training school and places its focus on grooming yoga and pilates practitioners to become instructors.

And boy, each half-day session was practically like a hardcore training boot camp for me. I remember waking up at 6am for 5 weekends, dragging my feet for what would be the toughest yoga classes I have ever attended and sweating buckets at the end of each 2.5-3 hours practical session. Yet, there was never a time where I didn’t feel accomplished at the end of each session. Through the 50 hours yoga course, I’ve learnt a lot more about yoga beyond the postures and poses – from our body anatomy to the different breathing techniques (which helped me a lot throughout my hospital stay) and yoga philosophy. It had been an enriching albeit “torturous” 5 weeks of lessons for me and my only regret was not taking the initiative to pursue the 200 hours yoga teacher training course, which all of my fellow classmates completed.

It was through sheer determination and practice at Tirisula Yoga that I managed to perform my first proper headstand without the wall! 🙂  One of the proudest moment in my yoga journey although, sadly, my spine doctor has forbid me to perform any more inversions since my injury. 

PhotoGrid_1392633782344 (2)
As part of my holistic and wellness journey, I have always been interested to learn more about the other alternative treatments that would complement my yoga practice. I was delighted when Pamela from Tirisula Yoga invited me over for their Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification course, where I can finally experience for myself the benefits of this energy balancing treatment. I heard from a fellow broken neck survivor that she even went for an energy healing treatment, as part of her quest for a full neck recovery!

What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of  Japanese energy healing treatment that is said to help promote one’s natural healing process and restore balance and harmony on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.Think of it as our Chinese equivalent of “Qi”.

Reiki Level 1 –  This level introduces the student to the fundamentals of Reiki energy, chakras, flow of energy, procedure of self-healing and hands-on healing. Reiki Level 2 – Upon graduation from level 1, you will progress to the next level, where you will be exposed to more intense healing such as distance healing that allows the healer to heal another person without them being present at the moment. Students will also receive deeper attunement from the Grand Master.

IMG_0231Master Paluu demonstrating Reiki techniques on a student 

As much as I’m curious to learn about complementary treatments and therapies, I must confess that I am a skeptic at heart. For me to even remotely believe in something, I’ll first need to see the results for myself. To my surprise, I was shocked to learn that quite a number of my fellow classmates were able to feel “intense heat” radiating from my neck area even though I had not mentioned to anyone about my injury. Apparently, my neck region was significantly hotter as compared to the other parts of my body and unless they have some sort of six sense, there was no way that they would have known about the injury!  :O

Another incident that took me aback was during the distance healing session where we had to heal our partner from across the room, without telling them the body part(s) that we would like to heal. Amazingly, my partner was able to guess correctly that I was offering Reiki treatment to the right side of her arm as she felt tingling sensation at the area! I was, honestly, speechless when she revealed her guess … It was pretty spooky yet aroused the curiosity in me. My foundation as a skeptic is being shaken and I could finally get a glimpse of how Reiki might work for some.

IMG_0248Hands-on healing session for the students

To promote a comfortable setting for all, we were encouraged to cast aside our egos and share about our experiences with Reiki and aura reading. While I am still skeptical about energy healing, my biggest takeaway from this 2 days workshop is learning how important it is for us to maintain balance from within and being in tune with ourselves. Similar to to yoga, it helps me to address the needs of the body, mind and soul through conscious living.

IMG_0336Sharing session for all

PROMOTIONS for upcoming courses!

Reiki Level 1 and 2 course: Quote my name “Stephanie” and get an additional 10% off the discounted price of $700 when you sign up for the upcoming Reiki course at end November!

Yoga: Enjoy 50% off when you sign up for the Jan 2015 intake of 50-hours yoga transformation course (U.P. $1800)!

IMG_0369 (1)Reiki-certified!

Tirisula Yoga
A: 80B Arab Street

. Stretch City’s First Yoga Birthday Party .

stretch city 1st anniversary
Free this weekend? Why not head over to the National Design Centre and join in the celebrations to celebrate Stretch City’s 1st birthday! 🙂 There will be a line-up of free yoga and wellness activities, such as the signature Bikram Yoga mini taster class and Yogart (Yoga + art). Members who bookmark Stretch City to their mobile screen will also be given an array of vouchers from Pure Apparel, hic’ Juice and Yoga Inc! 

Simply reserve your spot at this link for any of the free activities now! 🙂 

. highlights of glo-yoga 2014 .

Have you seen it yet? Check out the Glo-Yoga Official Highlights Video here! 🙂
Live Well; Live Inspired  | Spice Yoga 


I am sure that no one is a stranger to the sportswear juggernaut Nike, which goes by the slogan “Just do it.” Indeed, this simple yet empowering slogan is something that most of us can resonate with when we are faced with fear and doubts. Personally, I have encountered my fair share of fear in my yoga journey, from doing my first headstand to a complete drop back from a standing position! Yet, beneath my fear, it was this inspiring messaging that made me cast away those self-doubts and take the plunge to Just do it.

And since we are on this note, I thought that I would spread this piece of exciting news that ZALORA SG has launched a collection of Nike sportswear for active ladies who love their yoga (that’s me), jogging, zumba and just, working out in general! These days, I must confess that when I indulge in a little retail therapy, it’s not the latest fashion bags or shoes that I go crazy over but the yoga apparel and accessories that fit into the active yogi’s lifestyle. After all, one must look good in order to feel totally comfortable in their own skin.

Here are some of my personal favourite yoga must-haves from this collection!

Nike Printed G87 Tank and Nike Pro Printed Bra 

These slim-fitting tank top and bra come with multi-colour spots designs and add a touch of funky colours to spruce up your work out attire! The racerback design of the top also allows one to flaunt your sexy back. Add these cute graphic printed tank top and bra in your yoga wardrobe to compliment your bubbly personality!

ZALORA NIKE printed collection
Nike Df Epic Run Boy Shorts and Nike Pro Hypercool Capris

The boy shorts feature a contrasting colour waistband design that is bound to be attention-seeking. Pick the purple one if you want something loud and different, and the blue one if you want something more subtle. Loving the perforated mesh panel on the hypercool capris, which is perfect for hot yoga!

NIKE pants shorts collection

Nike at ZALORA
NIKE sportswear

. i light marina bay 2014: glo-yoga .

glo yoga 1source

Glo-Yoga comes to town! Set against the stunning backdrop of the Marina Bay Waterfront, this glow-in-the-dark mass yoga session was part of the line-up of activities organised by i Light Marina Bay 2014,  Asia’s first & only sustainable light art festival. As someone who is always up for a new experience, I was thrilled by the idea of an outdoor moonlit yoga, with an emphasis of fun and lights! Of course, my fellow yoga buddies – JZ and Eileen – were equally as excited as I was for this workshop. They are my awesome yogi girlfriends! 🙂

Together with a group of enthusiastic yoga practitioners decked in glow-in-the-dark garb and accessories, we flowed through both the sun salutation and moon salutation sequence of postures, creating a collaborative and dynamic public light artwork. Practising yoga in the heart of the crowded Marina Bay Waterfront, in front of a live audience, was a nerve-wrecking experience! Inevitably, I could not help but to feel the slight pressure of having to keep up with the class and ensure proper alignment of poses. You know, must try to look good for the cameras and videos lol. Cannot wait to see the event highlights memento video once it’s out!

Glo-Yoga is presented by Spice Yoga

glo yoga text

All ready for Glo-Yoga! Glow-in-the-dark body paint, colourful light sticks, neon yellow top and my favourite Onzie hot pants 🙂 

glo yoga 10
glo yoga 11credit

glo yoga 12credit

glo yoga 13credit

glo yoga 14credit

The real fun began after our Glo-Yoga session as we started trying out different partner and 3-people yoga poses, although the acro poses ended up as an epic failure! More to come!

glo yoga 2
glo yoga 4
glo yoga 5
glo yoga 6

. yoga-to-go session with Stretch City .

It is one thing to enjoy yoga as a form of exercise and hobby, but another when it encompasses much of one’s life. Personally, the latter pretty much sums up my relationship with yoga. Ever since I have started going for yoga classes on a regular basis, I realised that yoga has become some sort of a lifestyle choice for me. I tend to eat healthier (salads and green smoothies!), look out for more eco-friendly and organic products and more importantly, practice mindfulness.

My short (but still counting) albeit fulfilling relationship with yoga has truly opened many doors and benefited me on so many levels – physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Is it my passion? Honestly, I do not know yet but what I know is that I’ve this burning desire to share all that I could about yoga with my family, friends and the community! Yes, that’s my ‘unhealthy’ obsession. Lol.

stretch city text
It was probably during one of my random surfing on the internet when I first learnt about Stretch City, a sharing website with information that yogis love. You might ask, so what is this Stretch City site all about? In a nutshell, it is a comprehensive yoga lifestyle website listing studios, shops, restaurants, events, and promotions related to wellness and eco-living in Singapore. The first thought that came to my mind was that this is exactly the website that I’ve been keeping a lookout for but I must admit that procrastination got the better of me as I never got about registering as a member until a month ago. Nevertheless, there was no stopping me when I finally became a member and went on a “review spree”, contributing to the reviews of several yoga studios and restaurants on the site!

And you know what they say – Everything happens for a reason. My enthusiasm in sharing my interest for yoga didn’t go unnoticed as the founder of Stretch City, celebrity Liv Lo (whom, I must say is so gorgeous in person), invited me to their first ever yoga get-together session!

Remember that I mentioned about yoga opening up a world of possibilities for me? Well, I wouldn’t deny that I felt pretty intimidated to be attending a yoga session meant for yoga instructors/ teachers ( After all, I’m still an amateur practitioner) and in a yoga style that I was relatively not familiar with. But it’s only when one breaks out of the comfort zone and confront these challenges that these experiences become really worthwhile. I took the chance and was rewarded with many great moments – Getting into new yoga poses, befriending other yoga practitioners and even meeting a budding entrepreneur who has just started her own healthy food business! 🙂

Stretch City – an online place to bring together yoga enthusiasts

bikram yoga textWith hot yoga being the trend these days, it wasn’t a surprise to know that Stretch City’s first members-exclusive event was held at Bikram Yoga Katong. While I’m an avid fan of all kinds of hot yoga classes, I actually haven’t gone for a full 90 mins Bikram class before. And gosh, it was tough and I perspired buckets because the room is probably 1 of the hottest that I have ever experienced! Our instructor, Maria, was quite hardcore and made us work really hard throughout the class but it was also under her encouragement that I managed to do the full camel pose, a super deep back bend/ chest opener posture! Wow, I never would have thought that my back is that flexible to get into that pose.

The good thing about Bikram schools is that the instructors only teach 1 style of yoga and that’s Bikram which consists of 26 static postures performed in a heated room of about 40 deg c. So, it will be easier for regular students to keep track of their progress and improve on their practice.
Get ready to turn on the heat!

Bikram Yoga Katong
130 East Coast Road

PhotoGrid_1393152004904Thanks to Liv for this invitation and I’m looking forward to more events by Stretch City. Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial.

. sights: turning upside down .

Sights: Me on an invert
Working out every muscle in my body, from the neck, shoulders, core, inner thighs and even the toes!

. embracing who i am .

I was catching up on one of my favourite yoga instructor’s blog when I came across an entry that really strike a chord with me. In her post titled “Embrace Who We Are“, she talked about the need for us to feel whole and embrace our unique & true self so that we may feel fulfillment in life. Now, take this moment and reflect upon your own life. What is it that truly makes you happy? Are you guilty of conforming to societal norms and sticking to the comfort zone, just because it is the easier thing to do even though your heart says otherwise? Like so many people out there, I will be the first to admit that I’m generally a people pleaser and I do seek comfort in external justification. Reassurance and approval from other people that I am either doing the “right thing” or am “on the right track in life”. Yet, despite the nod of approval from others, why is there still the sense of emptiness that lingers in my heart?

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you would have known that I have been facing a self-proclaimed quarter-life crisis for some time now. On many occasions, I often assumed that this quarter-life crisis stems from a lack of true satisfaction in my job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for the learning opportunities that I have been given, the transferable and tangible skills that I have picked up through the years and the benefits that come along with it. But, half a decade of slogging through the drudgery of life – work. earn money. pay bills. work. earn money. pay bills. repeat. – does get to me. Was this the life that I am going to live for the rest of my life? And mind you, we aren’t even talking about bigger commitments such as housing loans and child support here.  Yet, upon introspection, it suddenly hit me that the bigger picture lies in me. That I have not been able to fully embrace the true me because in times when I feel vulnerable or fearful, I tend to seek assurance from external parties. However, if we don’t feel that we are enough and worthy, no amount of external validation will do the job. We have to love ourselves and be true to our beings, in order to find more meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

As of late, I have been doing a lot more soul searching. Reflection through yoga. Reading inspirational true stories or blogs that resonate with me. Practice mindfulness. Those, along with the process of growing up and having a more mature outlook in life, have taught me to slowly accept and acknowledge that it is totally fine to be imperfect. To make mistakes. To have fears and weaknesses. To fail and fall apart. To be different. But, none of which should make me question my worthiness because, to quote Asami in her blog entry, that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.

These days, I won’t deny that I am quite contented with all that I have been blessed with. Of course, there are always other areas to work on. Honestly, if you ask me, I must confess that contentment and living life to the fullest will probably always remain a constant challenge. It’s alright though because that’s part and parcel of life and what that keeps me alive. By embracing who I am and accepting that I am not perfect, I’m making the choice to live a life I seek pleasure in, rather than to simply go with the ebb and flow of life.  If that means wearing hand-me-downs instead of buying the latest trendy clothes, drinking fruit juice instead of alcohol during party nights (because I truly dislike the taste of alcohol), exploring hidden gems instead of hitting the malls in Orchard Road, I’ll do it because these are what that make me happy. A very good friend of mine has always reminded me to “Just Be Myself” and I’m truly grateful for these little reminders that keep me focused.

Many people I know from all walks of life – friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even blog readers – have shared with me that they often questioned their purpose in life. Inevitably, many equate the lack of fulfillment to their unsatisfactory jobs, lack of financial stability, non-existent love life, etc. But sometimes, we need to look deeper within ourselves to realise that it is possibly ourselves that we have to overcome. Take the moment to self-reflect, understand yourself better and embrace it wholeheartedly, the parts that you love and the parts that ain’t as great.

“Be in love with your life, every detail of it.”
~ Jack Kerouac

. sights: chakra ma .

Sights: I’m in  ♥  with Chakra Ma jewelry
Solar Plexus Chakra: self-empowerment
Crown Chakra: oneness

. sights: pigeon pose .

pigeon yoga

Sights: One-legged king pigeon pose.
Still working hard to perfect this pose;  1 day, I’ll get my head to touch the foot and bring the arms closer together.