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. sights: dream builders .


Sights: Dream Dust in a Bottle necklace
As Walt Disney once said, if you can dream it, you can do it. 

. sights: old time childhood snack .

PhotoGrid_1396625100262Guess the real deal! 

. sights: world press photo 13 exhibition .

Sights: A travelling exhibition showing award-winning photographs from top photographers around the globe – We exist to inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism.

A last-minute facial cancellation turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I suddenly found myself having free time, alone, on a Friday evening. Sounds like a sad case? Perhaps, to many. But the explorer in me was thrilled to come across the internationally-acclaimed World Press Photo 13 exhibition that gave me the opportunity to view the “other world” that’s unbeknownst to most of us who lead a relatively sheltered life, and appreciate the powerful emotions that these moving pictures evoke.

wwp texts
Exhibition ends on 30 March. Raffles Hotel. Free admission.

. sights: marimo pet .

Sights: Sagittarius horoscope = Optimistic
Even when the tough gets going, I’m always hoping to make lemonades out of lemons. To be strong and have a positive outlook in life.

. sights: twist in the air .

The one thing I realise about myself through my brief journey with aerial arts is that I really like to push myself and my body to the limits. Good or bad? That’s yet to be decided lol.

. sights: my dog loves beer .


. look what i found .

PhotoGrid_1395243365011Sights: The key to the door of freedom
A  21st birthday tradition. Gosh, that was slightly more than half a decade ago! :p

. amazon on silk .

Sights: An attempt to look graceful and elegant while hanging in mid-air!

. sights: miniature fish bowl .


Sights: Finding Nemo
just keep swimming …

. sights: adieu .

PhotoGrid_1394212472687Sights: Share your special Mosaic memories at the 10th and final edition of this ‘world of music’ festival
Personally, I will always have fond memories collaborating with Esplanade on the last 2 installments of Mosaic Music Festival. Au Revoir.