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. girls gone wild @ montigo resort .

Girls gone wild? Well, I was lying … Our girly weekend was a lot tamer than the headline but I did catch your attention, didn’t I? Montigo Resort @ Nongsa needs no introduction as it is an extremely popular weekend destination for many Singaporeans from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for a romantic rendezvous with your significant other, a fun-filled staycation with your friends or a relaxing holiday with your family, Montigo Resort offers it all. It prides itself as “the ultimate escape for generations to come”.

After a very tough month at work, I was all ready to kick back and enjoy a respite from the stress and tension happening in the office. A short getaway with my girlfriends (Shermin, Soy, CC) in the comfort of our own pool villa sounded like a fantastic idea, especially when it costs a fraction of the cost as compared to pool villas in Singapore. We booked the seafront & spa villa so that we get to enjoy unobstructed views of the lush greenery and blue sea (but do note that the view is sadly, quite depressing during low tide). I must say that the views were surprisingly spectacular as one would have never expected the island of Batam to boast such scenic sights! There were even times when I tried to make-believe that I was actually vacationing in Greece instead of Batam! Hahaha. Oh, the joy of day-dreaming! 🙂

Our seafront villa comes with a living room on the ground floor, 2 huge bedrooms with attached bathrooms on the 2nd floor and a sky terrace at the top floor. Think minimalistic concept.
The main reason why we were at Montigo – Our own private infinity pool that overlooks the pristine South China Sea and offers breathtaking view of coastline. It’s certainly our favourite place as we spent the bulk of our time frolicking and chilling at the pool. Had my ‘girls gone wild’ plan succeeded, I would have gone for skinny dipping … The perfect activity for some sexy fun!
The spa villa also comes with a private cabana hut and beanbag – Great for the lazy souls to laze around with a book!
The in-villa BBQ was highly recommended by Shermin’s friend and she was pretty insistent that we had to give it a shot. Thank god for her persistence because it was BBQ at its best – We had our own personal chef and butler, both of whom rendered excellent customer service! Happy tummies, happy souls.

You might like to note that we ordered the BBQ set for 2 pax even though we had 4 pax; The serving portion was sufficient for relatively small-eaters like us. We opted to have the in-villa dining by the poolside although you can always choose to have it at the rooftop to enjoy a 360 degrees view of the surroundings!

Deal Not To Be Missed – Montigo Spring Celebration!
Enjoy $50 dining/spa cash voucher, on top of 25% off the Best Available Rate when you book a luxurious stay with Montigo Resort from now till 31 March 2015. It’s time to spring into 2015 with a pampering treat for yourself!

For more details, check out! Now, don’t say that I don’t share good deals with you guys! :p 

. off we sail to Lazarus island .

Before I start off on this entry, I would just like to confess that I’m a  living paradox. I love outdoor adventure and nature but I hate the sun. Yes, I’m one of those office ladies who have to carry an umbrella during lunch breaks just to avoid the merciless sun. I love the sea and breeze but throw me into the open sea and I tell you I’ll need a life vest, no matter what. Such an irony right?

Despite my dislike for the sun, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity when CC and her family invited me to join them and family friends for a morning to set sail to the picturesque Lazarus island. My first yacht party and visit to Lazarus island was one of the best times I ever had and I’ve been talking about arranging a return trip since although nothing has materialized… Till now. Anyhow, since I wouldn’t be travelling much at all this year, I decided to bring the ‘travelling’ to home instead! 🙂

The little twin captains who took the rein and steer the boat. They might be tiny in size but they sure do pack a punch!
Although I have an absolute lack of maternal instincts, I think I do get along pretty well with kids in general. Strangely, I found myself quite contented basking in the sun (a usual BIG no-no for me) at the sun-deck with the kids, talking about their interests and dreams. The girls excel in gymnastics and have won medals in competitions, and the boy cannot wait till he’s 14 so that he can finally get a scuba diving license. When I was their age, all I wanted to do was to play catching and hide-and-seek with my siblings and friends. And I thought anyone older than me was just “uncool to talk to”. Hahaha.

If anything, I would think I’m like a much bigger sister to them but imagine my horror when a stranger at Lazarus island approached me to comment on how lucky “my kids” were because they were given the chance to have fun in the week leading up to their examinations. My kids? Which means I would have given birth to them when I was only 17 yrs old! Teen mum alert! Perhaps, I should consider a switch in career to become a nanny instead?

Lazarus island has always been known as one of Singapore’s best kept secret because of its tranquility and breathtaking beach. However, with the recent buzz and hype, it’s not too surprising to learn that it is now a hit among both locals and tourists. It is not too uncommon to hear people squealing in delight as they first laid their eyes on the picturesque beach, a sight that most would never have thought existed on our little red dot.

For those who do not fancy chartering a yacht to this hidden gem, fret not as there is also a causeway that links St John island to Lazarus. So, pick an afternoon to head over to this island for a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters or have a picnic by the beach! 🙂


Kids will love playing with the fine sand, and building sand castles, complete with a water moat. For our case, we decided to be creative and give her a mermaid tail! 

I’ll admit – I’m jealous of a 10 yrs old girl. I’ve tried so hard to perform a handstand during my yoga classes but have never been successful in my feeble attempts. Yet, she does it so effortlessly … on the sand!
To 14 years of friendship and  many more years to come till we become old and wrinkled! 

. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Loving my new dress from the Madonna Material Girl collection /  Selfie time / Match-mini boxes on display at the Jad & Jew booth at Public Garden / Start of the food porn / Population at 1942 Alfresco @ Changi restaurant : 21 / War museum with original World War 2 artifacts / Craving for sinful Mookata / Fired up over mookata pot at Huay Kwang Thai @ Upper Thomson Road / An affair with French and Italian and girlfriends / Duck confit at Saveur / Mouth-watering foie gras that literally melts in our mouth at Bistro Du Vin / Lobster  ravioli / Sweet tooth cravings: lemon meringue and tiramisu at Nonna / Design Film Festival with favourite girlfriends / An artsy film: Yves Saint Laurent / The life of a fashion designer: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol. Live, eat, breathe fashion / 1st hike since my injury / At the Bukit Timah Summit with Swiss … More to come!

PhotoGrid_1408703985888PhotoGrid_1408720592661 (1)PhotoGrid_1410689991854PhotoGrid_1410687657176PhotoGrid_1409404121366PhotoGrid_1410689664616PhotoGrid_1409896470684PhotoGrid_1409896531298PhotoGrid_1410689555818PhotoGrid_1410688073314PhotoGrid_1410688973638PhotoGrid_1410688930993PhotoGrid_1410688818892PhotoGrid_1410689909591PhotoGrid_1410688774881PhotoGrid_1410690276173PhotoGrid_1410689876614PhotoGrid_141068969823510653747_1557758647786409_2459563366066097788_n10665096_1557758731119734_4928436429642041784_nPhotoGrid_1410689830068

. super touched to return to work to this .


. ALIVE Museum: where what you see comes to life .

PhotoGrid_1407764315216Looking for a fun and immersive experience to enjoy with your family or friends? Why not consider a trip to the ALIVE Museum, Singapore’s largest illusionary entertainment museum where you can be part of a master art piece? If you think museums are boring, then don’t be fooled by the word “museum” here because ALIVE, as its name suggests, is a museum like no other. This place of attraction features a combination of trick art, digital art and object art installations that allows visitors to get up close and interactive.

Now that I have regained about 65% of my neck movements and strength, I was thrilled to be able to exercise the super tight neck muscles for a fun reason other than physiotherapy. And, I must admit that some of the poses were hard work for a rusty neck like mine. Lol. It has been a long time since I unleashed the inner “cam-whore” in me and took so many pictures but being expressive at Alive Museum was certainly a memorable way to celebrate my first step towards freedom! 🙂

Tips for you!

– Don’t think about looking pretty or sexy at Alive Museum. The fun part comes when you get expressive and imaginative with your poses so that you can flow with the scenarios and come up with creative pictures. LOVE some of Christine’s priceless expressions in the pictures. Classic!

– Go without much expectations. Expect that some of the more interesting exhibits might be closed for revamps and that some of the artworks are pretty lame. Sometimes, the pictures make the artworks look more fun than it actually is.

Have Fun creating memorable pictures! 🙂

Note: Complimentary tickets courtesy of OMY and Alive Museum

And remember, you can always get a little more creative and kinky with your poses! This is my favourite R(A) picture, only for my eyes and maybe a special someone! :p 

PhotoGrid_1407762221813Alive Museum Singapore

Address: Suntec City #03-372
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Promotion: Want a FREE Burger King meal? Simply LIKE Alive Museum on their Facebook and purchase a full-priced ticket to redeem your FREE Burger King meal*! Hurry, offer ends 30 September 2014!
* terms and conditions apply

. people come and go: letting it go .

‘Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on out hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” 
– Flavia Weedn

As I grow older (and wiser), one of the many life lessons that I have learnt is that people come and go in our lives. When I was still schooling, this concept was something that I found difficult to grasp because I chose to believe that when people enter your life, you will want them to remain in your life forever. You know, like “Friends Forever”?  Through the  years, due to various commitments and life changes, many of the people whom I have met and befriended and I have slowly drifted apart. Clubbing girlfriends, SIM-UB course mates, CJC clique, overseas friends from the various exchange programmes that I had attended, to name a few. In the past, it used to upset me a lot when friends drift apart because some of these friendships really meant something at one point of time but now, I have learnt to accept that it is just part and parcel of life. People come and go, but what that matters most is that you cherish the time spent together because some of these friends are the people who leave a lasting impact and helped to mold the person you are today.

Yet, when a friendship that truly matters to you start to disintegrate, it still hurts. Sometimes, it is through tough and difficult times when you start to see the true colours in others. I had a friend who once “promised” to always be there but when it came down to the crunch and when I was feeling the lowest point in my life, this “promise” turned out to be an empty promise. You might ask, am I mad? Frankly, no. Because anger is just a fleeting emotion, felt best at that point of time when it’s being triggered. However, in its place, is disappointment that sets in and that sort of pain sears you more than anger or frustration ever could. It makes you wonder, has all the past not matter to someone anymore? Is it so hard to simply show up for a friend when one’s in need? Perhaps, it’s easier to choose the easy route because it is safe and works to one’s benefit. Why bother to rock the boat when things are going seemingly perfect right? Personally, I usually give my best to things that matter and for this case, I tried my best and refused to let go of this friendship. But, after some reflection, it hit me that people who leave you in the lurch when you needed them, doesn’t deserve you. Introspection, it takes even more courage to stand up, let of of such unhealthy friendship and finally move forward. To be mature and sensible enough to see that some people might be holding you back in a way that is not what you want or need. When things are clearer, you realise that it is another’s loss and not mine, for I have always and will continue to live life in zest.

“Don’t take for granted the people in your life. They will not always be here.”

And with this, I’ll gather the strength to finally close this chapter in my life.

. The End   .

. i light marina bay 2014: glo-yoga .

glo yoga 1source

Glo-Yoga comes to town! Set against the stunning backdrop of the Marina Bay Waterfront, this glow-in-the-dark mass yoga session was part of the line-up of activities organised by i Light Marina Bay 2014,  Asia’s first & only sustainable light art festival. As someone who is always up for a new experience, I was thrilled by the idea of an outdoor moonlit yoga, with an emphasis of fun and lights! Of course, my fellow yoga buddies – JZ and Eileen – were equally as excited as I was for this workshop. They are my awesome yogi girlfriends! 🙂

Together with a group of enthusiastic yoga practitioners decked in glow-in-the-dark garb and accessories, we flowed through both the sun salutation and moon salutation sequence of postures, creating a collaborative and dynamic public light artwork. Practising yoga in the heart of the crowded Marina Bay Waterfront, in front of a live audience, was a nerve-wrecking experience! Inevitably, I could not help but to feel the slight pressure of having to keep up with the class and ensure proper alignment of poses. You know, must try to look good for the cameras and videos lol. Cannot wait to see the event highlights memento video once it’s out!

Glo-Yoga is presented by Spice Yoga

glo yoga text

All ready for Glo-Yoga! Glow-in-the-dark body paint, colourful light sticks, neon yellow top and my favourite Onzie hot pants 🙂 

glo yoga 10
glo yoga 11credit

glo yoga 12credit

glo yoga 13credit

glo yoga 14credit

The real fun began after our Glo-Yoga session as we started trying out different partner and 3-people yoga poses, although the acro poses ended up as an epic failure! More to come!

glo yoga 2
glo yoga 4
glo yoga 5
glo yoga 6

. becoming CSI for an hour .

Reality room escape games are all in the rage lately, with probably no less than 10 companies in Singapore playing host to people from all walks to life who are willing to pay to get locked up in a tiny room! Lol. What a sadistic idea, right? Not wanting to miss an opportunity to challenge ourselves to escape from the locked room, my group of uni friends, the boy and I wanted to put our wits to test to solve these infamous mind-bogging puzzles and games! ESCAPE!

Our choice of room? A serial murder is on the loose. Dismembered and bloody body parts scattered around the city. A skull. Severed hands and feet. Be extremely observant and you will find the clues right under your nose. You got it right! We are the Crime Scene Investigation team! I’m an avid fan of the entire CSI series (CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY) so you can pretty much imagine my excitement when we were given the “CSI: Dismembered Body” room. Having said that, in real life – We are a group made up of a real estate agent, marketing executives, research analyst, banking executive and nightlife manager. In other words, we don’t exactly offer the typical skill sets required from the CSI team lol! Trouble on the rise? Oh no.

My experience. Well, there’s a reason why these escape room games require us to “think our way out” and not “find our way out”. In fact, the very first clue had left us absolutely so clueless that we spent 20 mins of our only hour scrambling around, without having an idea of what to lookout for! In the end, we had to call the helpline for assistance because we were in a state of despondency.  Make that a couple of times. Situation was a tad tense at times because everyone was struggling to find a clue and capture the “murderer” but we pretty much kept our cool. 🙂 To sum it up, to escape from the room requires a mix of good observation skills, being attentive to tiny details, powers of reasoning and perhaps, a touch of good luck. Needless to say, we weren’t 1 of the few teams that managed to make it out in time by the 1-hour mark although we did eventually escape, with some time extension and a lot of help from the staff. Hahahaha. Not too shabby for our 1st attempt. Despite the fact that we didn’t “survive” the toughest room, I must say that everyone had enjoyed themselves tremendously and it was good team effort. Looking forward to solving more puzzles and games with them in our next lock-down! :p

CSI: Dismembered Body Room
Difficulty Level: 5 out of 5
Fear Factor: 1 out of 5 
* Bright lighting, no eerie music or props
Fun Factor: 3.5 out of 5

 The Escape Artist
Address: 52A Prinsep Street #01-01
Singapore 188683
Telephone: 6883 1540 Cost: $22 to 28/pax per session

the escape artist_csi 1

the escape artist_csi 2

. snapshot: melbourne .

fly free

It has been a decade since I last stepped on the shores of Australia and frankly, the idea of returning to Australia has never been quite on the top of my list. Thanks to my company that paid for an all-expense annual staff retreat, I found myself flying to Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne, for the very first time. And indeed, I found out for myself the wonders of what makes Melbourne recently crowned as the #1Most Livable City in The World‘!


City of Melbourne

Put together a juxtaposition of modern and Victorian architecture, beautiful gardens, an array of contemporary art galleries & museum and plenty of quirky cafes and you get the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne. The city is simply a wonderland for someone who enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of a new place. The many quaint cafes and boutique stores give life to the city laneways that are bustling with activities at any moment. Somehow, there’s always a sense of excitement as you never quite know what’s round the corner when you venture into Melbourne’s hive of busy laneways!

I love the free heritage tram (kinda reminds me of the beloved cable cars in San Francisco) that takes you to the different city landmarks around central Melbourne and the Docklands. A great teaser to the city at absolutely no cost! 

building within mall
city sights 2city sights 1 city sights
hello melbourne
welcome melbourne
Getting Creative with Street Art

Melbourne is a melting pot of art and creativity so it is not a surprise to see a diverse range of street art being exhibited around the city and its many neighbourhoods. The most famous and iconic street art laneway is Hosier Lane, where one cannot help but be dazzled by the stunning and vibrant displays of the artworks. My only regret from this trip was that I didn’t have the time to attend a street art tour, which would have given me the chance to meet the artists behind these works.

hosier street
art 4

art 3
art 2

 St Kilda

A beach-side town, St Kilda, offers a welcoming respite from the city. Think of it as the cool and hippy suburb of Melbourne. I love amusement parks of all sorts and even more so when it is a historical park that shares the same birth date as me … But 75 years apart!  Luna Park, 1 of Australia’s most beloved family attraction, reminded me of another old-school amusement park in Coney Island that I was very fortunate to have visited before it ceased operations a mere few months after my visit (Astroland: 1962 – 2008). Sadly, I didn’t have the same luck to visit Luna Park as it was closed during my stay. 😦

st kilda 1

st kilda 2
luna park
luna park 1

Shopping at Queen Victoria Market

According to Wikitravel, “Queen Victoria Market, the only surviving 19th century market in Melbourne CBD, is significant to Melbourne’s culture and heritage and is named after Queen Victoria.” My dearest roomie, Christine, bought bags of fresh produce (fruits & nuts) for her family and yours truly was influenced as well. Just see the last pic of us posing with our very unglam purchases! :p  My best purchases? Personalised dog tags for the 3 boys! 🙂

qvm 2
qvm 1auntie shopping

Becoming A Kid Again with the Farm Animals

I wish I can kidnap the kid (baby goat) home! So cute.




The Great Ocean Road

A drive along the picturesque Great Ocean Road and visit to The Twelve Apostles is definitely 1 of the ‘Must Do’ in every tourist’s itinerary. The scenic coastal route is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world, complete with pristine beaches, steep cliffs and spectacular rock stacks. It was a pity that we were on a ridiculously tight schedule that basically left us with only a pathetic 20 mins to take in the absolutely tranquil view of The Twelve Apostles and mind you, we were on the road for at least 5-6 hours! Oh well, the downside of a tour group.

great ocean road 2
great ocean road 1
great ocean road 3

great ocean road 4
great ocean road 6

Penguin Parade – Phillip Island

Sitting out in the cold with the wind blowing against us wasn’t exactly what we would typically sign up for but it was certainly worth the shivers to see the world’s smallest penguins waddling along the beach. It was funny how the few of us would shriek with excitement every time we spotted a penguin emerging from the sea. However, nothing beats the thrilling experience of getting up-close to these tiny creatures as they made their way home to the burrows.

We also made a pit stop at The Nobbies, where we caught the sight of many seagulls but none of the seals. The views of the rugged coastlines were incredible and I truly felt at peace, listening to the therapeutic sounds of the crashing waves. In fact, The Nobbies has surpassed my expectations and is definitely 1 of the more memorable places that I have visited in Australia.

nobbies 1
nobbies 4
nobbies 2

Moonlight Kayaking

As far as possible, I would like to inject some sort of adventure for my holidays and I’m glad that my sister and her boyfriend were game to join me for a moonlight kayak experience. 🙂 I have kayaked several times before during my schooling years but this would mark the 1st time that I would be kayaking when night falls and I must say that it was absolutely the highlight of the trip!

I would highly recommend anyone who has a sense of adventure to sign up for this tour when visiting Melbourne. It was a great way to see the city from a different perspective and some of the unique experiences include cruising under the many low-lying bridges, and even having a fish and chips dinner on the kayak! More on the moonlight kayak experience in a separate post.

To add to our already interesting experience, it started raining at the start of our paddling journey thus we were drenched before we even really started! However, being caught in the rain had its consequences as I found myself suffering from a terrible bout of flu and was heavily drugged (with meds, of course) during the last few days of my retreat. Bummer.

gin and johan kayak 1

night kayak
my kayak partner
me kayak

Spending Precious Moments with My Sister

sister love in  melbourne

The best thing that came out of my 1-week stay in Melbourne was definitely the opportunity to get closer to my sister who’s currently based in Melbourne. Since she left for Australia about 3yrs ago, we have barely kept in touch and pretty much lead our separate lives. Hence, it was really good to be able to rekindle our relationship and bond over the many meals, activities and new experiences.

. seeing the world through fisheye .

fisheye 1

fisheye 2
fisheye 4
fisheye 3