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. weekend: bits and pieces .

Weekends / 1st handmade match-mini giveaway on Carousell / Becoming an instant ABBA fan after listening to the tunes of the ultimate feel-good musical Mama Mia! / Couchsurfer Newbie in action – Bringing my first couchsurfers from Greece & India to Gardens by the Bay and Float @ The Bay / Farewell dinner for Sara / Chilling to the jazz beats at WooBar, W Hotel / Our favourite Place – Off we go to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo / Embarking on our first buddy run together. So proud of little Simba for completing the run! / Girls Gone Wild at Montigo Batam 

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. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends/Eat A Lot, Sleep A Lot/ Second weekend at the Singapore Writers’ Festival/ Appreciate Singapore poetry with Text In The City/ Food orgasm at Hai Di Lao Hotpot / Happiness is a cup of coffee (or tea, for my case) and a good book/ The Reading Room – Book cafe by day, bar by night. / All dressed up for my favourite Halloween @ Woodgrove/ Beware of the Superdog

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. weekends: bits and pieces .

 Weekends / A gift from a blog reader – Be Inspired ring. Thank you. / Staycation at Parc Sovereign – Tyrwhitt / A reminder – This too shall pass/ Living life on the edge/ Addicted to The Original Churrio @ Orchard Central/ 14.5 years of friendship and memories with the girls/ 5th Anniversary with the ones who have been with me from the start of my career / Supply & Demand with the marketing girls / Trekking and water caving at Batu Maloi/ Singapore Heritage Festival – My 1st trip ever to Kusu Island/ Discovering the unkempt beauty of the lost and forgotten reservoir/ A day out in the sea with the dogs

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. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends/ The allure of wild flowers – Lavender bunches/ Tragus-loop MOVEMBER double-chain earrings/ Mother-Daughter bonding time: Making our first air clay  crafts/ Reiki at Tirisula Yoga/ Empowering ourselves with self-healing energy at Reiki workshop Level 1 & 2/ November 8 Coffee & Company with gfs/ The rich man’s playground/ Off we set, sailing into the sea on the yacht/ Failed jump attempt at Seringat island/ Full of envy at the BEST COMPANY TO WORK FOR – Google Office / My first experience with Google Glass – Welcome to augmented reality! Very cool experience.



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. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Loving my new dress from the Madonna Material Girl collection /  Selfie time / Match-mini boxes on display at the Jad & Jew booth at Public Garden / Start of the food porn / Population at 1942 Alfresco @ Changi restaurant : 21 / War museum with original World War 2 artifacts / Craving for sinful Mookata / Fired up over mookata pot at Huay Kwang Thai @ Upper Thomson Road / An affair with French and Italian and girlfriends / Duck confit at Saveur / Mouth-watering foie gras that literally melts in our mouth at Bistro Du Vin / Lobster  ravioli / Sweet tooth cravings: lemon meringue and tiramisu at Nonna / Design Film Festival with favourite girlfriends / An artsy film: Yves Saint Laurent / The life of a fashion designer: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol. Live, eat, breathe fashion / 1st hike since my injury / At the Bukit Timah Summit with Swiss … More to come!

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. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / The unlikely baker bakes her 1st ever salted caramel & rose macarons / Cavalia: Cirque Du Soleil-meets-horse power under the White theatre tent / Having fun horsing around / National Museum lights up with the Singapore Night Festival / Fooling around with uni girlfriends in the BOOBS room. I like / An enchanting time at the Singapore Garden Festival / Orchid Extravaganza at Gardens by the Bay / Support Singapore’s bid for the Botanic Gardens to become our first UNESCO World Heritage Site/ An extravagantly expensive day at CreatorySG with Shermin / A day of workshops: Learning leather crafting, easy silkscreen printing and coffee slow pull / Green-Red Art Installations: Spot the difference / Good Old Romantic Film / Good Things take Time & I’ll wait

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. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Waffles, eggs, ham and sausage brunch with an ex-colleague at November cafe / A bowl of Negitoro Don to satisfy my cravings for some raw tuna / Authentic Niigata ramen at Sanpoutei Ramen / Family’s quest to visit the Top 20 Most Popular Ramen restaurants in Singapore. Expect more ramen pictures to come / A hilarious take on my dad’s obsession with ramen / Designing and crafting my own leather clutch / The DC Superheros Exhibition at Philatelic Museum / Being a girl fan all over again – Watching Kang Gary from Running Man fame perform


. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Local delights and childhood games at Old School Delights / Savory Thai curry with crispy noodles / Fresh Oysters and lemonade, great for the summer’s heat / New additions to the room – Colourful fighting fishes / Mini project on the sideline – Inspirational matchbox cards / A blast at ALIVE museum / Dancing like legendary Michael Jackson / Playing Giant and Dwarf at the basketball court with Christine / National Day Special – Dining in the dark with girlfriends


. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends /My first handmade leather pouch, made with love / Wild flowers / A dose of anti-oxidants at Ganban Yoku / My love for Japanese cuisine never ends /  The carnivore in me – Fat juicy steak at Morganfield’s / Korean BBQ with girlfriends / Quote from Loretta’s book ‘Woman On Top’ / Be an independent woman / Removal of stitches at halo scars 


. weekend: bits and pieces .

Weekends /  Wild meadows /  Glutton Spree, Let’s travel around Japan / An authentic Okinawan lunch at Nirai Kanai / The lure of sashimi  / Going RED with Ikkousha’s Spicy Takana Ramen / Catching one of my favourite musicals of all time – Sound of Music / Singapore Heritage Festival 2014 /A rare visit to 1 of Singapore’s oldest Millionaire Club – Ee Hoe Hean Club / Sunday at the Southern islands of St John, Lazarus and Seringat / Mesmerized by the marine biodiversity in our waters / The most adorable Simba looking cool and stylish with Ray-Ban