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. passing the quarter mark celebration .

 Unlike the previous birthday celebrations, I decided to do away with extravagant birthday surprises this year and opted for a relatively simple affair. 1 Oreo Cheesecake. 1st visit to a dog cafe. A seafood fiesta dinner for 2. 1st ever Halloween celebration together at FrightFest 2012. That pretty much sums up our simple but perfectly wonderful day.

to my favourite boy in the world …
Happy 26th Birthday!

We are The Furballs (WTF) Cafe
45 East Coast Road

Singapore’s 1st dog playhouse. 6 small dog breeds. 1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 1 Toy Poodle. 1 Daschund. 1 French Bulldog. 1 Mini Maltese. 1 Mini Pomeranian. 6 x the fun.

Adopting the concept of cat cafe from Japan, WTF Cafe (love the name lol) is Singapore’s 1st dog cafe that allows people to experience the joys of a canine companionship without bearing the responsibility of ownership. A visit to the dog cafe would set you back about $6.50 (weekday) or $7.50 (weekend) for 1 bubble tea drink and unlimited hours of cuddling time with the 4-legged companions.

 No thanks to the weekend crowd, the dog cafe was packed to capacity with several groups of teenagers and families who wanted to play with the lovable puppies. In fact, there were times when I felt that we had to jostle to get the puppies’ attention as there were about 20 people and only 6 puppies.

In an increasingly stressful society where it’s a norm for people to work long hours, pet cafes like WTF Cafe fill the void of those looking for animal companionship. During our 1 and 1/2 hour visit, we had seen families with children in tow, dog owners with their small breed dogs (only small breed dogs are allowed entry to the dog playhouse), youngsters and couples out on a unique date. Not too bad for a novelty concept in Singapore although only time will tell if this will eventually translate into a winning formula.


The 6 puppies are generally friendly and adorable though some appeared to be quite nonchalant about our presence. Or perhaps, I’m just biased as every dog owner think nothing but the BEST of their dogs and I never fail to have the full attention of my furry boys most of the time! LOL.


LuLu, the poodle that ❤ to cuddle and sleep on anyone’s lap!

Lola, the mini Pomeranian that looks uncannily like our latest k9 addition to the family, Simba!

Mochi, the super tiny Maltese that is quite the hot fav with most of the customers.

Our favourite dog at WTF – Bui Bui, the french bulldog with the perpetually miserable but adorable frown. 

Prawns Overload @ Seafood Paradise

FrightFest 2012 – The Undead Forest
@ Singapore Flyer

Halloween – It’s actually my favourite holiday right after Christmas! 🙂 Looking back, I’ve been celebrating All Hallows’ Eve almost every year since my JC days … It’s funny how I seek so much pleasure in paying to get scared. And trust me, boy do I scream my guts out!

Ironically, the boy and I have never ever celebrate Halloween together since he’s always working. That’s what you get when you have a boyfriend who works in the nightlife & entertainment industry – Be prepared to bid farewell to celebrating festive occasions together!

This year, we ventured into the Undead Forest @ Singapore Flyer where we came face-to-face with both Oriental and Western characters inspired by popular spine-chilling horror movies. Hell hath no fury like a spirit’s scorn! Having experienced many other scarier haunted attractions, I must say that the FrightFest is probably 1 of the least frightening and most predictable haunted attraction. We could even spot some of the spirits from a distance away – Kinda spoils the “shocking” factor lol.

Scare Factor: *** out of 5
* Part of a DEAL bundle package – $28 for admission to FrightFest 2012, a ride on the 6D XD Motion Ride and river cruise. Very worth it!

Can you believe that I actually fell for the touristy gimmicks and spent a bomb to purchase an instant polaroid of us in action with the infamous Ghostface from SCREAM? ❤ the boy’s expression! Classic!