. inspiration in a matchbox .

Earlier this year (2014), I broke my neck and came very close to being paralyzed for life. Yet, by a stroke of luck, I am very blessed to have avoided paralysis and am on the right track to a full recovery. So now, with a second chance in life, I am now living my very own version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and hope to inspire everyone out there to live beyond the mundane & have your own little adventure! 🙂

My battle against a serious injury, coupled with a heartache and depression, has taught me how important it is to surround myself with positive affirmations and quotes. A little dose of positivity goes a long way. Inspired by Operation Beautiful, I decided to come up with a mini project to put a smile to your face. Handmade matchbox cards that comes with an inspirational quote to give a little love to you!

Each month, we will organise a Inspiration-in-a-Matchbox card giveaway on Carousell. Just a small gesture to help spread the joy in our super stressful tiny red dot!

inspiration in a matchbox_v2

keep your eyes peeled

One response to “. inspiration in a matchbox .

  1. Thanks for dropping off your little matchbox at the library! Im sure it would delight someone’s day 🙂

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