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. 5 food trends that need to be stopped .


. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Loving my new dress from the Madonna Material Girl collection /  Selfie time / Match-mini boxes on display at the Jad & Jew booth at Public Garden / Start of the food porn / Population at 1942 Alfresco @ Changi restaurant : 21 / War museum with original World War 2 artifacts / Craving for sinful Mookata / Fired up over mookata pot at Huay Kwang Thai @ Upper Thomson Road / An affair with French and Italian and girlfriends / Duck confit at Saveur / Mouth-watering foie gras that literally melts in our mouth at Bistro Du Vin / Lobster  ravioli / Sweet tooth cravings: lemon meringue and tiramisu at Nonna / Design Film Festival with favourite girlfriends / An artsy film: Yves Saint Laurent / The life of a fashion designer: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol. Live, eat, breathe fashion / 1st hike since my injury / At the Bukit Timah Summit with Swiss … More to come!

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. the unlikely baker: mad about macarons .

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no domestic goddess and that I have never quite fancy either cooking or baking. I would very much like to be the eater, thank you very much! Anyhow, it is one of my goals to pick up new skills during my recovery period/break so I decided to challenge myself by learning something totally unexpected of me. Even my granny was questioning my sudden interest in baking! Desserts are the way to a girl’s heart so it didn’t come as a surprise when I decided to sign up for a macaron baking class! With the assistance from both Ricky and Cindy from Big Fun Kitchen, making macarons turned out to be easier than expected. The trickiest part for me was to manually whisk the mixture in order to achieve a creamy texture … The whisking was so tedious that I felt that my arm was going to break off! Trust me, I’m going to opt for the mixer in my next attempt.

For an unlikely baker like me, I’m proud to say that my macarons turned out to be pretty decent! 🙂 No one suffered from food poisoning and my family was pleasantly delighted with the sweet treats.  The texture was chewy and not too hard, and the rose and salted caramel taste was subtle without being too overwhelmingly sweet.

Next challenge? Let’s see if I can repeat the same success at home!

making macarons
Big Fun Kitchen

Address: 277, New Bridge Road, #02-01

. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Waffles, eggs, ham and sausage brunch with an ex-colleague at November cafe / A bowl of Negitoro Don to satisfy my cravings for some raw tuna / Authentic Niigata ramen at Sanpoutei Ramen / Family’s quest to visit the Top 20 Most Popular Ramen restaurants in Singapore. Expect more ramen pictures to come / A hilarious take on my dad’s obsession with ramen / Designing and crafting my own leather clutch / The DC Superheros Exhibition at Philatelic Museum / Being a girl fan all over again – Watching Kang Gary from Running Man fame perform


. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / Local delights and childhood games at Old School Delights / Savory Thai curry with crispy noodles / Fresh Oysters and lemonade, great for the summer’s heat / New additions to the room – Colourful fighting fishes / Mini project on the sideline – Inspirational matchbox cards / A blast at ALIVE museum / Dancing like legendary Michael Jackson / Playing Giant and Dwarf at the basketball court with Christine / National Day Special – Dining in the dark with girlfriends


. weekend: bits and pieces .

Weekends /  Wild meadows /  Glutton Spree, Let’s travel around Japan / An authentic Okinawan lunch at Nirai Kanai / The lure of sashimi  / Going RED with Ikkousha’s Spicy Takana Ramen / Catching one of my favourite musicals of all time – Sound of Music / Singapore Heritage Festival 2014 /A rare visit to 1 of Singapore’s oldest Millionaire Club – Ee Hoe Hean Club / Sunday at the Southern islands of St John, Lazarus and Seringat / Mesmerized by the marine biodiversity in our waters / The most adorable Simba looking cool and stylish with Ray-Ban


. a slice of mini rainbow cake .

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m no domestic goddess. I find no joy in either cooking or baking but I have decided to give baking another try since many of my friends often spoke about how therapeutic it is. So, I wanted my first ‘solo’ attempt  at baking to be something exciting and fun! What’s more irresistible than a colourful rainbow cake? I love colours and a rainbow cake makes me feel like a happy kid all over again! 🙂

Being a total beginner, I searched online for an easy recipe that included a pre cake mix which certainly made it pretty hassle-free. The end results? The colours came out very pretty and vibrant and I daresay it looks quite spectacular! The taste? Well, can’t go too wrong with a Betty Crocker cake mix although one cannot expect it to be Le Chocolate Cafe standard either. My final verdict? I gave it my best shot but baking is still not my cup of tea. I’ll keep to sports and handicrafts. :p

Nonetheless, I’m very thrilled to share with you guys pictures of the first cake that I have ever baked! 🙂 

rainbow cake title

You can get the recipe and baking instructions from Table Spoon. Have fun!

. weekend: bits and pieces .

Weekends /  Laksa risotto at Food for Thought /  Baking a colourful rainbow cake / Doggy selfies / In love with Marvel / Singapore Heritage Festival 2014 / Excursion to offshore lighthouses, Raffles Lighthouse and Sultan Shoal


. La Pizzaiola – food for love .

It was earlier this year when my aunt first introduced me to this tiny Italian restaurant tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw away from my place. Located in the midst of an obscure row of shop houses occupied predominantly by old trading companies and laundry shop, one would have never imagine this location to be an ideal place to dine at a restaurant. Nonetheless, my interest to check out hidden gems on our red dot brought me to this little haunt, that is surprisingly a hit with many of the residents!

La Pizzaiola is the dream of 3 friends who want to bring people together to enjoy a hearty meal at affordable prices. Most of the mains (pizza and pasta) are under $20 so it is very easy on one’s pockets. I’ll definitely be making return visits to this Italian restaurant. 🙂

la pizza 2
la pizza 1
Fruiti di Mare
prawns, squids, mussels, tomatoes, mozzarella

Having to abstain from seafood of all sorts for the past 3 months, while I was in my halo vest, was a torture for a seafood lover like me. Now that I’m finally out of that “torture device”, I jumped at the opportunity to feast on the seafood pizza. Prawns and squids, some of my favourite seafood delights! At under $20 for a 12 inch pizza, it is value for money as there is a generous portion of ingredients although I would have preferred the crust to be slightly thinner and less chewy.

la pizza 3
la pizza 4
Carpaccio di Manzo
beef, Parmesan cheese, truffle oil, black truffle salsa

This melt-in-your mouth thinly sliced beef appetizer is best savored with a pinch of rocket and Parmesan cheese flakes as this combination offers a burst of  exquisite flavours. 

la pizza 5
la pizza 6
Enjoy art while dining – For the art enthusiast in you

The art-and-food concept is receiving its fair share of hype lately. There is an increasing number of gallery-eateries that showcase a wide variety of artworks, which restaurant patrons can purchase after their meals. Some of these art works also make for interesting conversation for diners.

On the same note, La Pizzaiola has collaborated with Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) to feature aluminium tooling art pieces specially created by clients of MINDS in their restaurant. Most of these one-of-a-kind art pieces retail at a very affordable price tag of between $130 to $400. 🙂 

la pizza 7
la pizza 8
la pizza 9
La Pizzaiola

Address: Upper Thomson, Teacher’s Estate
19 Kalidasa Avenue,  Singapore 789398
Tel: 6455 4648

. sights: old time childhood snack .

PhotoGrid_1396625100262Guess the real deal!