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. off we sail to Lazarus island .

Before I start off on this entry, I would just like to confess that I’m a  living paradox. I love outdoor adventure and nature but I hate the sun. Yes, I’m one of those office ladies who have to carry an umbrella during lunch breaks just to avoid the merciless sun. I love the sea and breeze but throw me into the open sea and I tell you I’ll need a life vest, no matter what. Such an irony right?

Despite my dislike for the sun, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity when CC and her family invited me to join them and family friends for a morning to set sail to the picturesque Lazarus island. My first yacht party and visit to Lazarus island was one of the best times I ever had and I’ve been talking about arranging a return trip since although nothing has materialized… Till now. Anyhow, since I wouldn’t be travelling much at all this year, I decided to bring the ‘travelling’ to home instead! 🙂

The little twin captains who took the rein and steer the boat. They might be tiny in size but they sure do pack a punch!
Although I have an absolute lack of maternal instincts, I think I do get along pretty well with kids in general. Strangely, I found myself quite contented basking in the sun (a usual BIG no-no for me) at the sun-deck with the kids, talking about their interests and dreams. The girls excel in gymnastics and have won medals in competitions, and the boy cannot wait till he’s 14 so that he can finally get a scuba diving license. When I was their age, all I wanted to do was to play catching and hide-and-seek with my siblings and friends. And I thought anyone older than me was just “uncool to talk to”. Hahaha.

If anything, I would think I’m like a much bigger sister to them but imagine my horror when a stranger at Lazarus island approached me to comment on how lucky “my kids” were because they were given the chance to have fun in the week leading up to their examinations. My kids? Which means I would have given birth to them when I was only 17 yrs old! Teen mum alert! Perhaps, I should consider a switch in career to become a nanny instead?

Lazarus island has always been known as one of Singapore’s best kept secret because of its tranquility and breathtaking beach. However, with the recent buzz and hype, it’s not too surprising to learn that it is now a hit among both locals and tourists. It is not too uncommon to hear people squealing in delight as they first laid their eyes on the picturesque beach, a sight that most would never have thought existed on our little red dot.

For those who do not fancy chartering a yacht to this hidden gem, fret not as there is also a causeway that links St John island to Lazarus. So, pick an afternoon to head over to this island for a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters or have a picnic by the beach! 🙂


Kids will love playing with the fine sand, and building sand castles, complete with a water moat. For our case, we decided to be creative and give her a mermaid tail! 

I’ll admit – I’m jealous of a 10 yrs old girl. I’ve tried so hard to perform a handstand during my yoga classes but have never been successful in my feeble attempts. Yet, she does it so effortlessly … on the sand!
To 14 years of friendship and  many more years to come till we become old and wrinkled! 

. trip to southern islands: st john, lazarus, seringat .

For this year’s Singapore Heritage Festival themed “Our Islands, Our Home”, National Heritage Board has organised several island trails, including a half-day trip to the Southern islands – St John, Lazarus and Seringat. As usual, I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to go island-hopping so I went ahead for this excursion, alone (Because no one else was able to get the balloted slots). Due to the rushed itinerary, we were not able to explore much of St John island although the trip brought back many fond memories of my first trip to the island. Lots of exploration of every nook and cranny of the island, it was fascinating. Click here to check it out!

One of the highlights of this excursion was the visit to the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), which is usually out-of-bounds to the public.

As per the website, TMSI is a centre of excellence for research, development and consultancy in tropical marine science as well as environmental science. With its multi-disciplinary research laboratories and active international links, it handles projects relevant to Physical Oceanography, Acoustics, Marine Biology, Marine Mammals, Biofuels, Water Resources and Climate Change.

Following a short presentation that introduced us to TMSI, we were given a mini-tour of the research facility, including pit stops at the fishery, giant clam aquarium and my personal favourite, the touch pool!


Size: These giant clams can grow up to 1.5m in diameter. The ones that we saw at the facility are about 5 years old and measures 30cm. Giant clams need to be about 1m in  diameter before they can be released back into the wild, at the undisturbed Southern shores.

Diet: They feed on the algae that lives in its fleshy body. This is also the reason why the clam will face its shell opening towards the sunlight – To encourage photosynthesis for growth of the algae.

Reproduction: Giant clams have both male and female sexual organs. As such, the clam will release a cloud of sperm into the water first, followed by the eggs for fertilization. Newborn clams are only 0.001 mm in diameter! Invisible to the naked egg!

PhotoGrid_1407058391082 PhotoGrid_1406536950276

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with touch pools because that meant a chance for me to discover, first hand, how these marine creatures felt like. The touch pool at TMSI isn’t as exciting as those at Underwater World or S.E.A Aquarium but it is unique because all the marine creatures can be found just off our shores. These marine organisms, ranging from soft corals to sea star (or starfish as it’s more commonly known) to sea cucumber, can usually be found nearer to the Southern islands as the water here is less polluted and commercialised as compared to mainland Singapore.

PhotoGrid_1407062033551PhotoGrid_1406512098820 PhotoGrid_1406512124996
A picturesque view awaits us as we walked across the “mini causeway” to the neighbouring islands of Lazarus and Seringat. I was hoping that we were able to explore more of these islands but it turned out that the only feature of these island is really the pristine beach and clear blue waters. The exact same spot that my colleagues and I chilled at during our yacht party a couple years ago. Most of my fellow tour-mates exclaimed in awe over the breathtaking sight, as one could hardly expect to discover such a hidden gem in Singapore! It’s no surprise to see the beach, with its turquoise water and powdery white sand, being a hit with many families … Just the perfect spot for a picnic and some fun in the sea for the kiddos! 🙂



. weekend: bits and pieces .

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