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. highlights of glo-yoga 2014 .

Have you seen it yet? Check out the Glo-Yoga Official Highlights Video here! ūüôā
Live Well; Live Inspired  | Spice Yoga 

. i light marina bay 2014: glo-yoga .

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Glo-Yoga comes to town! Set against the stunning backdrop of the Marina Bay Waterfront, this glow-in-the-dark mass yoga session¬†was part of the line-up of activities organised by¬†i Light Marina Bay 2014,¬†¬†Asia’s first & only sustainable light art festival. As someone who is always up for a new experience, I was thrilled by¬†the idea of an outdoor¬†moonlit yoga, with an emphasis of fun and lights! Of course, my¬†fellow yoga buddies – JZ and Eileen – were equally as excited¬†as I was for this workshop. They are my awesome yogi girlfriends! ūüôā

Together with a group of enthusiastic yoga practitioners decked in glow-in-the-dark garb and accessories, we flowed through both the sun salutation and moon salutation sequence of postures, creating a collaborative and dynamic public light artwork.¬†Practising yoga in the heart of the crowded Marina Bay Waterfront, in front of a live audience,¬†was a nerve-wrecking experience! Inevitably, I could not help but to feel the slight pressure of having to keep up with the class and ensure proper alignment of poses. You know, must try to look good for the cameras and videos lol. Cannot wait to see the event highlights memento video once it’s out!

Glo-Yoga is presented by Spice Yoga

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All ready for Glo-Yoga! Glow-in-the-dark body paint, colourful light sticks, neon yellow top and my favourite Onzie hot pants ūüôā¬†

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The real fun began after our Glo-Yoga session as we started trying out different partner and 3-people yoga poses, although the acro poses ended up as an epic failure! More to come!

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