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. yoga-to-go session with Stretch City .

It is one thing to enjoy yoga as a form of exercise and hobby, but another when it encompasses much of one’s life. Personally, the latter pretty much sums up my relationship with yoga. Ever since I have started going for yoga classes on a regular basis, I realised that yoga has become some sort of a lifestyle choice for me. I tend to eat healthier (salads and green smoothies!), look out for more eco-friendly and organic products and more importantly, practice mindfulness.

My short (but still counting) albeit fulfilling relationship with yoga has truly opened many doors and benefited me on so many levels – physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Is it my passion? Honestly, I do not know yet but what I know is that I’ve this burning desire to share all that I could about yoga with my family, friends and the community! Yes, that’s my ‘unhealthy’ obsession. Lol.

stretch city text
It was probably during one of my random surfing on the internet when I first learnt about Stretch City, a sharing website with information that yogis love. You might ask, so what is this Stretch City site all about? In a nutshell, it is a comprehensive yoga lifestyle website listing studios, shops, restaurants, events, and promotions related to wellness and eco-living in Singapore. The first thought that came to my mind was that this is exactly the website that I’ve been keeping a lookout for but I must admit that procrastination got the better of me as I never got about registering as a member until a month ago. Nevertheless, there was no stopping me when I finally became a member and went on a “review spree”, contributing to the reviews of several yoga studios and restaurants on the site!

And you know what they say – Everything happens for a reason. My enthusiasm in sharing my interest for yoga didn’t go unnoticed as the founder of Stretch City, celebrity Liv Lo (whom, I must say is so gorgeous in person), invited me to their first ever yoga get-together session!

Remember that I mentioned about yoga opening up a world of possibilities for me? Well, I wouldn’t deny that I felt pretty intimidated to be attending a yoga session meant for yoga instructors/ teachers ( After all, I’m still an amateur practitioner) and in a yoga style that I was relatively not familiar with. But it’s only when one breaks out of the comfort zone and confront these challenges that these experiences become really worthwhile. I took the chance and was rewarded with many great moments – Getting into new yoga poses, befriending other yoga practitioners and even meeting a budding entrepreneur who has just started her own healthy food business! 🙂

Stretch City – an online place to bring together yoga enthusiasts

bikram yoga textWith hot yoga being the trend these days, it wasn’t a surprise to know that Stretch City’s first members-exclusive event was held at Bikram Yoga Katong. While I’m an avid fan of all kinds of hot yoga classes, I actually haven’t gone for a full 90 mins Bikram class before. And gosh, it was tough and I perspired buckets because the room is probably 1 of the hottest that I have ever experienced! Our instructor, Maria, was quite hardcore and made us work really hard throughout the class but it was also under her encouragement that I managed to do the full camel pose, a super deep back bend/ chest opener posture! Wow, I never would have thought that my back is that flexible to get into that pose.

The good thing about Bikram schools is that the instructors only teach 1 style of yoga and that’s Bikram which consists of 26 static postures performed in a heated room of about 40 deg c. So, it will be easier for regular students to keep track of their progress and improve on their practice.
Get ready to turn on the heat!

Bikram Yoga Katong
130 East Coast Road

PhotoGrid_1393152004904Thanks to Liv for this invitation and I’m looking forward to more events by Stretch City. Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial.