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. the birthday boy … 26 times .


Marriage lets you annoy 1 special person for the rest of your life.

Saw this picture from Serene’s blog and I couldn’t help but to agree on how true the quote is. Granted, I’m not married and not on the way of getting hitched anytime soon. And please, no more question on when is it my turn to get married. When we do eventually decide to walk down the aisle, trust me that you guys will hear about  it. Lol.

The boy and I have been together for about close to half a decade now – Long enough to know that we actually annoy the hell out of each other at times. For instance, how I dislike that I always have to nag at him whenever he leaves used tissue papers and ARCHIE comics all over the room. His erratic working hours which leave us with basically no full day to go on a proper date. His constant craving for Japanese food almost 90% of the time we go out on dates. 


I love that the boy is always asking for a cuddle and hug in the middle of the night when we are in bed.

When I’m down with menstrual cramps or suffering from bouts of severe headaches, he’s there for me with a bottle of warm drink and pills.

Attending hot yoga classes with me even though yoga is never his cup of tea.

Come every Friday evening, he brings home supper for the both of us – Always a delicious set of nasi lemak and a bottle of water chestnut for me. What a great start to the weekend!

Attending to the needs of the 3 rascals (our dogs) whenever I need some time alone, be it cleaning their pee/poo or giving them  a good shower.

He is my pillar of strength and confidence when we attend dog obedience training lessons with Archie & Frosty because I’m just a total ball of nerves. I admit that I lose it very easily when the dogs start barking and lunging in public and thank god that the boy’s there to instill a sense of calmness in me.

He ensures that I’m never hungry as he’s the better cook between the 2 of us. Make that the only one who cooks as yours truly is hardly ever to be spotted near the stove.

And despite being together for close to 5 yrs, my heart still plunges and I get the ‘butterfly feeling’ when I reach out to hold his hands occasionally.

 Happy 26th Birthday, my boy! You’re officially past the quarter mark!

. life in cubes – Sept .

If any of you have been wondering about my lack of online presence, that’s because blogging has, indeed, fall to the bottom of my priority list at the moment. Between work and being a hot yoga addict, I’ve also been busy attending friends’ weddings & baby showers (I feel old!), trying my hand at pole dancing at Groove (hello bruises!), being a better mum to our boys aka furkids, planning for the boy’s birthday and my family’s year-end trip to New Zealand! Whee!

Am looking forward to the last quarter of the year as I have many plans in-store for the next 3 mths. Yacht + Halloween @ USS party with my colleagues. The boy’s birthday celebration. My good friend, Sara, is coming back to Singapore for a visit so I expect that we’ll be spending lots of time catching up! An adventure in NZ. Hopefully, the boy & I will also be able to squeeze in some time to get our open sea scuba dive certification – been procrastinating for way too long!

. chicken soup for the soul .

The worst part? Falling ill and staying in bed over the entire weekend. The best part? The boyfriend making a hot pot of french onion soup for me. The boy preparing a bowl of piping hot soup and get this, not from a microwave meal, is simply 1 of the sweetest gesture that touches my heart. Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? 🙂


. half a decade later …

… We have both graduated from school and are now jaded from the monotony of working life, argued over the silliest and most trivial issues, adopted 2 beautiful but attention-seeking fur kids, argued over important matters, conquered various countries together, argued over everyday issues, fostered a Cambodian boy together, argued over some foolish mistakes that we made along the way, struggled with extreme lifestyle choices, argued some more, lived like a cohabiting couple for the better part of the week … and the list goes on.

At the end of the day, despite the tumultuous roller coaster journey, you’re still the one I want to come home to every single day. Fast-forward the mushy & unnecessary parts … I just want you to know, Boy do i love you so much! 🙂 

All photos by Lumiere Photography
($12 for Groupon deal and $65 for the top-up of edited pics)

. making every picture count – round 2 .

. surprise from the boy .

A bouquet of deep red roses on my bed when I came home after an exhausting day at work … 🙂 

. new year’s eve & new year .

How was everyone’s NYE countdown celebrations?

“Being simple” seems to be the key to my life these days. It’s ironic that the boy and I never had the chance to celebrate a New Year’s countdown (no thanks to his industry) since we first got together at the stroke of midnight during the 2008 countdown party in Zouk. By a stroke of luck, the boy was finally free for this year’s countdown and I was contemplating partying till the sun comes up … That is until the boy caught a massive flu bug just a day before NYE and we had to settle for something, well, mild. In the end, we settled for a lovely yet intimate countdown in the company of my loved ones – my parents. Dropped by a heartland countdown party at Punggol East to have our wishes written on the sky lantern (which were released into the sky at midnight) and got a gift (a pair of lighted Mickey Mouse ears) from the boy! Traveled all the way to the West to catch a glimpse of the Boon Lay Countdown Party before realising that it was simply a pasar malam before rushing all the way to the heart of the countdown celebrations – Marina Bay. Unfortunately, we were caught in a terrible jam and missed out on catching a glimpse of the spectacular fireworks!

I must admit that in comparison to the previous countdowns – Sentosa Siloso Beach, Clarke Quay, Orchard, Zouk – , the countdown to 2012 was a lot quieter and more intimate. To quote Marc Lim in his recent article that was published on The Sunday Times, “It may have taken me a while to figure it out, but no amount of partying can substitute the joy one gets from being around loved ones.” Very well said, indeed.


01/01/2012 marks our 4th anniversary and we decided to opt for a simple affair  (yet again) this year. Headed to 1 of our favourite place – IKEA – to shop for a new *bigger* bed! Believe it or not but the boy and I have been squeezing into a single bed every time he comes over to my place for a sleepover!

3 lucky bamboo plants and 1 bulldog toy later, we headed to Jack’s Place to celebrate our 4th anniversary.