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. amazon on silk .

Sights: An attempt to look graceful and elegant while hanging in mid-air!

. sights: miniature fish bowl .


Sights: Finding Nemo
just keep swimming …

. sights: adieu .

PhotoGrid_1394212472687Sights: Share your special Mosaic memories at the 10th and final edition of this ‘world of music’ festival
Personally, I will always have fond memories collaborating with Esplanade on the last 2 installments of Mosaic Music Festival. Au Revoir.

. sights: turning upside down .

Sights: Me on an invert
Working out every muscle in my body, from the neck, shoulders, core, inner thighs and even the toes!

. sights: tree of life .

tree of life
Sights: An art sculpture spotted in the heartlands
The “Tree of Life” art display was commissioned to bring arts closer to the community and is inspired by the theme of racial harmony.

. sights: fly, fly, fly .

taiwan sky lanterns
taiwan sky lanterns

Sights: Releasing the sky lantern (aka Kong Ming lantern/ 孔明灯) into the night sky during the Chinese New Year holidays. Such a magical and romantic moment to see it fly off, taking our wishes with it.

Our wish? For our lantern to take flight because our previous 2 attempts failed terribly. The first miniature hot-air balloon flew into a tree and the second became a victim of the fire. We even added a special note for the finder-keepers: If lost, please return to the bin. 

. OOTD: chinese new year day 2 .

Neon & patterns frock from MDS Collection. Black and white monochrome flats from F21. Twirling through the festive season with this unique juxtaposition of the neon coloured shapes with b/w strips!