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If I had a big goal in life, it’s to be able to focus on issues and work that keeps me motivated (AKA my purpose on the surface of this planet), and then hopefully making a difference. For now at age 25, it probably starts with understanding people, cultures and places, all at the same time being able to pay the bills. It might just end up being more fulfilling than a life of simply eat, sleep, work, consume, reproduce.

– Koey –
blogger at Letters From The Porch

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My dream is to make a difference in the fashion industry in Singapore, to have our countrymen be proud and supportive of Singaporean-born labels.

.Velda .
Co-founder of
Love Bonito

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I had a dream – to show the world the beautiful colors of emotions on the big movie screen of life.
Along the way…
I danced my first self-choreographed dance in front of the entire school and dreamt of being a dancer.
I joined singing schools and dreamt of being a singer.
I was scouted by producers, did acting, and dreamt of being an actor.
I started writing songs, recorded them, and dreamt of being a composer.

I spent my last university term on an exchange program in Shanghai, so that I could get away from the rat race of jobs application blah bloo blah, and really think about what I want to do with my life. I was thinking, after realizing everyone else’s dream for me; perhaps…just perhaps, it’s time for me to do something about my own dream. By that time, I had neatly summed up my dream –

To become an all-rounded artiste, who can sing, dance, act and compose. I’d paint emotions and stories with my voice, my craft.

– Val –
co-founder of I believe that dreams can come true

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In the midst of listening to other people’s stories, telling their stories, I grew up. And today I realized what TEACHING truly means to me. It is not about imparting a skill or knowledge, TEACHING means sharing and inspiring. I have been the student all these years, learning and being inspired by all these people who have shared their stories and life with me. And it is my turn to share, to inspire, to pay it forward.

– Tay –
co-founder of I Believe That Dreams Can Come True

website: Plant A Dream

. Introducing Plant-A-Dream .

It was early this year when I came across an article in The Straits Times featuring a pair of good friends who have a dream – A dream to cycle around the world in 5 years and to inspire every individual out there to live their dreams. Coming from a very practical country like Singapore, it is not uncommon for most of us (me included) to take the very safe and well-trodden path which also translates to doing well academically so that we can score a well-paying or respectable job. Hence, for both Tay & Val (the pair of good friends) to trade their comfortable lifestyles and  profitable business for a chance to embark on an adventure was indeed something very admirable.

Lately, I took a step and opened my heart to many people from all walks of life – friends, colleagues, friends of friends, bloggers – and I realized that many of us do have lots of dreams to share. And, I truly enjoy listening to every one of them sharing their stories. Most people inspire me. Inspired by Tay and Val’s courage to step out of their comfort zone and their personal motto “I believe that Dreams Can Come True“,  I thus decided to dedicate some time to this side blog project. Granted, I might be spending more time than ever on the internet, risk getting more blind than I already am (i dont think i know anyone with an eyesight worse than mine) and stretching myself too thin with another project, another commitment… But, every time someone shares a dream with me, it makes me smile. I might not be as courageous as to venture out of my comfort zone just yet but I hope to be able to share these dreams and stories with the rest of you out there and who knows, you might get inspired as well. Enjoy!

Please visit the blog at Plant A Dream

# 1 Post


My dream is to make this world a better place one soul at a time. I believe God gave me words and emotion to reach out and help others. Thus, if I can change the lives of others for the better through my heart and writing, that to me is true success and one of the greatest fulfillments in the human existence.

– My best friend, Sara –
founder of Esque 21