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. sights: world press photo 13 exhibition .

Sights: A travelling exhibition showing award-winning photographs from top photographers around the globe – We exist to inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism.

A last-minute facial cancellation turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I suddenly found myself having free time, alone, on a Friday evening. Sounds like a sad case? Perhaps, to many. But the explorer in me was thrilled to come across the internationally-acclaimed World Press Photo 13 exhibition that gave me the opportunity to view the “other world” that’s unbeknownst to most of us who lead a relatively sheltered life, and appreciate the powerful emotions that these moving pictures evoke.

wwp texts
Exhibition ends on 30 March. Raffles Hotel. Free admission.

. sights: adieu .

PhotoGrid_1394212472687Sights: Share your special Mosaic memories at the 10th and final edition of this ‘world of music’ festival
Personally, I will always have fond memories collaborating with Esplanade on the last 2 installments of Mosaic Music Festival. Au Revoir.

. sights: tree of life .

tree of life
Sights: An art sculpture spotted in the heartlands
The “Tree of Life” art display was commissioned to bring arts closer to the community and is inspired by the theme of racial harmony.

. sights: maneuvering in colour bars .

Sights: Colour Bars at the basement of Esplanade
manoeuvre (muh-noo-ver)verb
move skillfully or carefully
The man was unable to manoeuvre himself comfortably across the colour bars.
– 4 mins short movie by film student, Azhar Shukor –

. sound of ikebana: four seasons .

A couple of weeks ago, the boy and I visited the ArtScience Museum to catch the 27 minutes long visual media showcase “The Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons” by Japanese artist, Naoko Tosa. Ikebana – The Japanese art of flower arrangement. This showcase is a series of 4 video artworks revolving around the theme of the 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter – created by vibrating sound beneath paint, shot at 2000 frames per second with a super high-speed camera. Artist Naoko took on a gamble to mix technology and art in order to create this visually stunning and rich display of “flowers”. Sounds complicated? Basically, the different viscosity of the paint allow it to “jump and leap into the air” and create unpredictable patterns whenever it comes into contact with the sound vibrations, e.g. think of the sound vibrations as a trigger point. As with all artists, every artwork comes with a deeper meaning and for this instance, Naoko wants to invite the viewers to reflect on their own “internal seasons” as they progress through their life journey when they watch this contemplative video.

My review? Honestly, I didn’t had any expectation of this exhibition but I must say that I was blown away by the video artworks at the end of the half hour clip. The “dancing” flower-like imagery created by the slow-motion liquid leaps kept me mesmerized the entire time as I was captivated by the colourful marbling effect of the paint and its graceful movements. At the same time, it was intriguing to learn more about the interesting relationship between the varying sound patterns and paint and how such seemingly minuscule movements can be captured to seem so much larger-than-life. All the pictures shown here are the actual portrayal of the “dancing” liquid generated by the sound vibrations. Looks pretty unbelievable, right?




. sights: eames toys .

Sights: Essential Eames exhibition @ MBS
Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games can be precursors to serious ideas. Take your pleasure seriously.
– Charles Eames – 

. sg biennale: gardens, by the way .

Dropped by the National Library the other day to take a look at the art installation ‘Gardens, By The Way‘. Unfortunately, there are way too many plastic bottled flower pieces and I was unable to spot mine despite several attempts. This particular art installation is free for all so do visit it if you’re in the vicinity! 🙂 

Gardens, by the way
Mixed media installation
Dimensions: Variable
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2013 Commission

Responding to the Singapore Biennale 2013 theme “If the World Changed”, pioneering graffiti collective ZNC (Zinc Nite Crew) pays homage to the changes that will come to Singapore’s landscape, predicting spurts of blossoming gardens that will grow all over the city. This foliage appears instantaneous, devised and urgent, reflecting today’s pace of rapid change and the need for instant gratification. At the same time, ZNC’s artwork is ecologically friendly, incorporating recycling with craft and aerosol art. Participants from over 30 schools were invited to collaborate with ZNC to create a flourishing garden, crafted from thousands of recycled plastic bottles, in the heart of the Singapore Biennale. 

Key Sponsor: Credit Suisse 
With support from: JPL Consultants

sg biennale gbtw 1
sg biennale gbtw 2
sg biennale gbtw