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. my dog ❤ me .

PLC_archie and me
A picture speaks a thousand words.
We won again! 🙂 Would love to thank all my friends who have helped to pick this particular picture.

. tags for the 3 naughty ones .

dog tags

. my pet, my joy ! .

The Sunday Times’ Pets Corner celebrated the World Animal Day 2013 back in the month of September and shared the joy by publishing some of their favourite contest pictures for 2013. Guess whose picture was featured? :p

my pet my joy!

. a touch of spring .

 Like many typical girls, I flowers and enjoy treating myself to a bunch of flowers once in a blue moon. Not the nicely arranged flower bouquet from the outrageously-priced florists but the cheap cut flowers from the supermarket. Definitely a way more economical option for something that will eventually wither and die within a week. Anyhow, in my quest to brighten my room, I’ve recently put together a random mix of flowers (Aka no style flower arrangement) and found it to be quite a therapeutic & rewarding experience.

Now, isn’t it a delight to wake up to beautiful blooms at the start of the day? 🙂

flowers 4

flowers 5
flowers 6
flowers 7
flowers 3
flowers 2

Even little Simba knows when to take the time to “smell the roses“! Ah, the boy sure learns how to appreciate the good things in life. :p 
simba smelling the flowers

. the winning picture .

simba and me

. Featuring The Boy & Simba .

mk and simba

And just like how a proud ‘parent’ would react, I was smiling gleefully when I first saw that the boy & our little Pomeranian, Simba, were featured in the Pets’ Corner of The Sunday Times! 🙂

. life in cubes – Dec & Merry Christmas .

life in cubes 1life in cubes 2life in cubes 3life in cubes 4life in cubes 5life in cubes 6life in cubes 7life in cubes 8life in cubes 9

Animation GIF #1 
Fun with the boys

Animation GIF #2
December came and go so quickly that before I even know it, it’s already 2013! Started my favourite month by joining the masses to catch a glimpse of the beloved pandas – Jia Jia & Kai Kai – only to be “lucky” enough to catch them soundly asleep! Speaking of animals, the boy & I also introduced 4 new members to our family – in the form of cherry shrimps! 🙂

For once in the recent years, I didn’t get to bask in the festivity with friends but for an extremely valid reason … Because I was having a ball of fun with my family in the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand! And trust me, it was 1 of my best vacation ever! 🙂 Despite the post-vacation blues, the celebration continued when we returned to Singapore as we attempted a series of crazy photo-shoots to make merry on Christmas day!

Have I mentioned to you how much I  my family?