. coming home: xmas art jamming .

This year has truly been a year of putting my plans and ideas into action. Amidst my very hectic work schedule and new love life, I have also found some time to commit to a new volunteer stint… A social cause that I hold very close to my heart. I’ve been very blessed to have a loving and happy childhood so it is quite disheartening to hear that there are children out there who have been neglected and ill-treated by their natural parents. My new volunteer role will see me befriending a foster child and bringing the child out for meaningful and fun-filled activities. While I’m definitely nervous to embark on this new journey, it is a role I take seriously and I’m raring to share some of my varied life experiences and lessons with him/ her. 

This also brings me to the campaign led by some university students whom I’ve met through my course of work. Coming Home is an initiative spearheaded by 4 like-minded final year NTU students and they hope to raise awareness of foster care among young working adults and tertiary students, so as to open their hearts and minds to the idea of fostering in the future. 

Their Christmas Art-Jamming Workshop, in collaboration with Gifts of Grace Design, is the first on-ground event, happening 19th December from 2 – 6pm at The Music Salon. For only $80 (usual price $140), participants will get to express their creativity and learn to make cards with watercolour paint. In the spirit of giving, each participant will also get the opportunity to give their handmade card to a foster child under the case of MCYC. Pay it forward during this Christmas. 🙂  Register now:  http://goo.gl/forms/GdMizb2jYy

Facebook: Coming Home l I IG: @ComingHomeSG
Coming Home Christmas Art-Jamming Workshop (FINAL)

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