. Look Gorgeous with Sephora @ ZALORA SG .

While I enjoy buying clothes and shoes at heavily discounted prices (i’m a huge fan of SALE and pre-loved items), beauty products is something that I will not scrimp and save on. A quick glance at my dressing table will reveal that I’m a proud owner of many facial masks of all sorts, a wide array of lip gloss with varying shades and a basket full of unused body fragrance! Save me, it seems like someone has a serious addiction to vanity.

That’s why it is no surprise that an addict like me will flock to a leading brand such as Sephora to get my daily beauty essentials. One of my favourite online shopping site, ZALORA, carries an extensive collection of Sephora in-house products that caters to all your beauty needs. Think, medium palette makeup bag, luxurious sugar body scrub, travel size perfumes and many more! Oh, the joy of satisfying my inner beauty goddess with just a click away!

As a beauty trailblazer, Sephora also carries an impressive assortment of top beauty brands such as Stila, Make Up For Ever, SKINC among many others. With so many choices, it’s easy for any shopper to get lost in the sea of advertising messages.

Well, fret not as ZALORA makes online shopping easier for you by coming up with a specially curated list of Editor’s picks and top sellers. Best of all, spend over $40 and you can get your beauty haul delivered right to your doorstep for free! With various payment methods like cash on delivery, shopping can’t get any easier.


Shop for your favourite beauty products at the Sephora Collection on ZALORA.


One response to “. Look Gorgeous with Sephora @ ZALORA SG .

  1. That’s right. Free delivery and free returns!

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