. yoga & reiki with Tirisula Yoga .

Last year, my interest to further my yoga practice fueled my desire to bring it to another level by enrolling in a 50 hours intensive yoga course at Tirisula Yoga. Unlike most typical yoga studios, Tirisula Yoga is primarily a yoga teacher training school and places its focus on grooming yoga and pilates practitioners to become instructors.

And boy, each half-day session was practically like a hardcore training boot camp for me. I remember waking up at 6am for 5 weekends, dragging my feet for what would be the toughest yoga classes I have ever attended and sweating buckets at the end of each 2.5-3 hours practical session. Yet, there was never a time where I didn’t feel accomplished at the end of each session. Through the 50 hours yoga course, I’ve learnt a lot more about yoga beyond the postures and poses – from our body anatomy to the different breathing techniques (which helped me a lot throughout my hospital stay) and yoga philosophy. It had been an enriching albeit “torturous” 5 weeks of lessons for me and my only regret was not taking the initiative to pursue the 200 hours yoga teacher training course, which all of my fellow classmates completed.

It was through sheer determination and practice at Tirisula Yoga that I managed to perform my first proper headstand without the wall! 🙂  One of the proudest moment in my yoga journey although, sadly, my spine doctor has forbid me to perform any more inversions since my injury. 

PhotoGrid_1392633782344 (2)
As part of my holistic and wellness journey, I have always been interested to learn more about the other alternative treatments that would complement my yoga practice. I was delighted when Pamela from Tirisula Yoga invited me over for their Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification course, where I can finally experience for myself the benefits of this energy balancing treatment. I heard from a fellow broken neck survivor that she even went for an energy healing treatment, as part of her quest for a full neck recovery!

What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of  Japanese energy healing treatment that is said to help promote one’s natural healing process and restore balance and harmony on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.Think of it as our Chinese equivalent of “Qi”.

Reiki Level 1 –  This level introduces the student to the fundamentals of Reiki energy, chakras, flow of energy, procedure of self-healing and hands-on healing. Reiki Level 2 – Upon graduation from level 1, you will progress to the next level, where you will be exposed to more intense healing such as distance healing that allows the healer to heal another person without them being present at the moment. Students will also receive deeper attunement from the Grand Master.

IMG_0231Master Paluu demonstrating Reiki techniques on a student 

As much as I’m curious to learn about complementary treatments and therapies, I must confess that I am a skeptic at heart. For me to even remotely believe in something, I’ll first need to see the results for myself. To my surprise, I was shocked to learn that quite a number of my fellow classmates were able to feel “intense heat” radiating from my neck area even though I had not mentioned to anyone about my injury. Apparently, my neck region was significantly hotter as compared to the other parts of my body and unless they have some sort of six sense, there was no way that they would have known about the injury!  :O

Another incident that took me aback was during the distance healing session where we had to heal our partner from across the room, without telling them the body part(s) that we would like to heal. Amazingly, my partner was able to guess correctly that I was offering Reiki treatment to the right side of her arm as she felt tingling sensation at the area! I was, honestly, speechless when she revealed her guess … It was pretty spooky yet aroused the curiosity in me. My foundation as a skeptic is being shaken and I could finally get a glimpse of how Reiki might work for some.

IMG_0248Hands-on healing session for the students

To promote a comfortable setting for all, we were encouraged to cast aside our egos and share about our experiences with Reiki and aura reading. While I am still skeptical about energy healing, my biggest takeaway from this 2 days workshop is learning how important it is for us to maintain balance from within and being in tune with ourselves. Similar to to yoga, it helps me to address the needs of the body, mind and soul through conscious living.

IMG_0336Sharing session for all

PROMOTIONS for upcoming courses!

Reiki Level 1 and 2 course: Quote my name “Stephanie” and get an additional 10% off the discounted price of $700 when you sign up for the upcoming Reiki course at end November!

Yoga: Enjoy 50% off when you sign up for the Jan 2015 intake of 50-hours yoga transformation course (U.P. $1800)!

IMG_0369 (1)Reiki-certified!

Tirisula Yoga
A: 80B Arab Street
W: http://tirisulayoga.com

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  1. To learn how to manage your spinal injuries, you should definitely look into schools that offer yoga therapy as a course. It helps you to continue your practice effectively and safely.

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