. weekends: bits and pieces .

Weekends / The unlikely baker bakes her 1st ever salted caramel & rose macarons / Cavalia: Cirque Du Soleil-meets-horse power under the White theatre tent / Having fun horsing around / National Museum lights up with the Singapore Night Festival / Fooling around with uni girlfriends in the BOOBS room. I like / An enchanting time at the Singapore Garden Festival / Orchid Extravaganza at Gardens by the Bay / Support Singapore’s bid for the Botanic Gardens to become our first UNESCO World Heritage Site/ An extravagantly expensive day at CreatorySG with Shermin / A day of workshops: Learning leather crafting, easy silkscreen printing and coffee slow pull / Green-Red Art Installations: Spot the difference / Good Old Romantic Film / Good Things take Time & I’ll wait

PhotoGrid_1408450852690PhotoGrid_1408893056631PhotoGrid_1408717770255PhotoGrid_1408893185982PhotoGrid_1409483631271PhotoGrid_1408900001365 PhotoGrid_1408900023254 PhotoGrid_1408900039088PhotoGrid_1409482705576PhotoGrid_1409481961841 PhotoGrid_1409482313353 PhotoGrid_1409482368915PhotoGrid_1409482673924PhotoGrid_1409483658625SBGD4C15261.sbg53fd59b5955e30.00642398PhotoGrid_1408886055182PhotoGrid_1408892959775 PhotoGrid_1408892873831 PhotoGrid_1408892910719PhotoGrid_1408886744650 PhotoGrid_1408884201160

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