. matchminis at PUBLIC GARDEN .

Aside from taking this relatively long recovery period to recuperate and pick up new skills (baking/leather crafting/financial planning/etc), there was also a part of me that wanted to seize my second chance in life and pay it forward. But what? Inspired by Operation Beautiful and Things We Forget, I decided to come up with a tiny project to hopefully, put a smile to a stranger’s face and brighten his or her day. 🙂 I call it an “inspiration-in-a-matchbox-card” or “matchminis” in short. A recycled matchbox uniquely crafted to fit its inspirational theme and quote, and spread a little love.

Find out more about Project Inspiration-in-a-Matchbox here!

PhotoGrid_1408418780527 (1)
Sometimes, life gives us twists and turns in a way that we would never have expected. Before I could really embark on this project, I was approached by a friend to create some matchminis for her upcoming flea! Frankly, I’ve no ambitious plans for this mini project but I was obviously thrilled to be given this opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and spread a little goodwill! So, yes, I’m very blessed and thankful! #livehappy

Do drop by my friend’s flea “Jad & Jew” at this weekend’s Public Garden to explore an eclectic mix of gemstone jewelry and fashion accessories! Get a limited edition matchmini with every $80 worth of purchase. 🙂


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