. the unlikely baker: mad about macarons .

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no domestic goddess and that I have never quite fancy either cooking or baking. I would very much like to be the eater, thank you very much! Anyhow, it is one of my goals to pick up new skills during my recovery period/break so I decided to challenge myself by learning something totally unexpected of me. Even my granny was questioning my sudden interest in baking! Desserts are the way to a girl’s heart so it didn’t come as a surprise when I decided to sign up for a macaron baking class! With the assistance from both Ricky and Cindy from Big Fun Kitchen, making macarons turned out to be easier than expected. The trickiest part for me was to manually whisk the mixture in order to achieve a creamy texture … The whisking was so tedious that I felt that my arm was going to break off! Trust me, I’m going to opt for the mixer in my next attempt.

For an unlikely baker like me, I’m proud to say that my macarons turned out to be pretty decent! 🙂 No one suffered from food poisoning and my family was pleasantly delighted with the sweet treats.  The texture was chewy and not too hard, and the rose and salted caramel taste was subtle without being too overwhelmingly sweet.

Next challenge? Let’s see if I can repeat the same success at home!

making macarons
Big Fun Kitchen

Address: 277, New Bridge Road, #02-01
Website: http://www.bigfunkitchen.com/ 

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