. jumping off the tallest building in NZ .

I ❤ travelling and adventure but I must admit that I’m really bad at documenting my New Zealand and Florida trips on this blog. Too many pictures to sort through as we took thousands of pictures so I shall do it sporadically.

At 192m in height, the Auckland Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and taking a giant leap off this building seemed like the most adrenaline-pumping activity that I could do to round up my trip to NZ! 🙂 Contrary to belief, the sky jump is unlike a bungee jump as it is a controlled fall  (travelling at 85km/hr) although it was the closest that I have ever gotten to bungee. The tingly sensation in my stomach started to kick in when I was suited up and on my way towards the top of the building. In comparison to skydiving, the sky jump certainly felt a lot safer and less exciting although it wasn’t without its fair share of thrills. Walking to the edge of the building, with the wind howling loudly in my ears, was petrifying and nerve-wrecking. It took me courage to finally release the hand grips and jump off the platform … The first step was the scariest but the rest of the ride down was, honestly, not as terrifying as it might seem. The fall was over all too soon, as I was done with the descent of a lifetime in 11 seconds but with an experience etched in my memory forever.

My next goal? Since bungee jump is obviously out for me, I’ll be making the Sky Walk and Mast Climb at the Macau Tower on my bucket list. 

jump 1
jump 2
jump 3

Where? Sky Tower, Auckland
Price? NZD 225
More info? 

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