I’ve always been a fan of ALDO shoes, especially its collection on killer heels. Well, what can I say? Although I lack in the height department, I’ve always been a “legs person” when it comes to ogling at hot babes. And these high heels never fail to add the extra dose of sexiness and appeal to any lady! ALDO is a retail brand that prides itself on both quality and craftsmanship, catered for chic and trendy. Though primarily a shoe brand, it also carries a wide array of products such as bags and accessories.

And now, instead of heading to the brick-and-mortar stores, you can easily shop for your favourite pieces from ALDO on ZALORA!

ALDO ZALORAThese are some of my top picks from the ALDO collection! 🙂

ALDO ZALORA collection 3

ALDO ZALORA collection 1
ALDO ZALORA collection 2
Add flair to your outfits with these statement pieces from the ALDO collection when you shop at ZALORA now! Want a dose of inspiration? Get the latest fashion trends and looks from ZALORA’s fashion magazine!


One response to “. ALDO on ZALORA .

  1. Too bad it’s one of the non sale brands.
    Check my blog for discount coupon!

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