. get a megawatt smile with express braces .

They say a smile is worth a thousand words. Too often, we underestimate the power of a smile – A simple action that could brighten our day and the lives of others. When I was a little girl, I had a pretty bad case of crowded and protruded teeth and was never proud to flaunt a smile. In fact, I had to wear braces for 5 whole years! For those of you who had undergone orthodontic treatment, you will understand the discomfort and pain caused by these braces. There is the constant ulcers and blisters, tightening of teeth, impairment of speech and of course, the reduced self-esteem. Imagine my excitement when my dentist finally gave the green-light to remove my braces at the end of my Secondary school years. Yet, I underestimated the need to wear retainers for life and over the next decade, my teeth shifted which resulted in a slight misalignment of my teeth.

My advice to those who had worn braces before? Don’t be lazy and wear your retainers every night, else don’t regret once your teeth have shifted.

BEFORE: Slight “bucks bunny” front teeth 
Needless to say, I miss my ‘close to perfect’ straight teeth. 2 years and over a thousand dollars later, I had tried different dental treatments, ranging from the good old retainer and clear aligners, to correct my misalignment. Both didn’t work. 😦 I was about to give up when I came across this new treatment offered at my dental clinic, Victoria Dental Care, appropriately termed as ‘Express Braces’. Frankly, I was not too keen about having a ‘metal mouth’ again but when I heard that ‘Express Braces’ offers straight teeth in less time and using clear discreet braces, I was sold. Sort-of instant gratification and I can still look presentable with the clear braces. Only downside? The price tag. It doesn’t come cheap.

express braces title
– Time: An average of 4- 9 months treatment time
– Discreet: Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wire that blend into your natural teeth
– Ideal for those who want a smile makeover without a long treatment time/ unnecessary removal tooth structure

AFTER: To correct the alignment of the front 2 teeth and push the bottom teeth inwards to have a better bite alignment.
Straight teeth 🙂

I was in braces for about 5 months, out of which 3.5 months were spent while I was in my halo vest/neck collar. In other words, on top of my metal contraption screwed to my head, I also had a mouth full of metal. Trust me, it was extremely uncomfortable to deal with both devices. The dental treatment itself didn’t cause much pain after the first  2 months (probably because most changes were made within the first couple of months) as the forces used were gentler than traditional braces. Dr. Mak is a very friendly and amicable dentist who never fails to puts me at ease so no worries about nasty dental stories/ experiences!

I’m glad I persevered, for now I’m happy to be able to flaunt my straight teeth! 🙂

Victoria Dental Care
Marina Square Link, #B1-11
Dentist: Dr Sue-Min Mak

* This is not an advertorial. Treatment cost was totally borne by me.

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