. paragliding at coronet peak .

I’m so glad that I did it!” The same words that my little sister exclaimed once we landed on the ground from our first paragliding flight in New Zealand. The same girl who was hesitating about embarking on this flight of a lifetime just hours ago and needed much persuasion from her older sister. And, I’m extremely proud to say that she did it! To conquer her fear of heights as she took the plunge to run off the peak (the highest commercial take-off point for Queenstown paragliding) and soar into the sky. Proud of my baby sister! 🙂

As for me? Paragliding gave me my first taste of flying in the sky with nothing more than a parachute on my back, and a sneak preview of what is to be expected for my tandem skydive. Besides, it offers a unique way to enjoy the incredible views of Coronet Peak and its surroundings from above! Definitely beats the experience that one can get from a helicopter ride. And if you’re well-behaved and up for something to get your adrenaline pumping, why not request for the pilot to do some spins and turns which is set to add more excitement to your flight? Think of it as a roller coaster ride in mid-air!

Highly recommend anyone who’s heading to New Zealand to give either paragliding or hang-gliding (wanna try that someday) a try! Trust me, it isn’t as scary as it might look from pictures; If anything, it’s pretty comfortable and relaxing to fly majestically through the skies like a bird. The experience of a lifetime, coupled with the spectacular mountain views, is worth every single penny.


The climatic end to our scenic flights – Where our pilots performed spins and figure-8 turns so that we could scream to our heart’s content! A must-do for any thrill seekers!



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