. people come and go: letting it go .

‘Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on out hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” 
– Flavia Weedn

As I grow older (and wiser), one of the many life lessons that I have learnt is that people come and go in our lives. When I was still schooling, this concept was something that I found difficult to grasp because I chose to believe that when people enter your life, you will want them to remain in your life forever. You know, like “Friends Forever”?  Through the  years, due to various commitments and life changes, many of the people whom I have met and befriended and I have slowly drifted apart. Clubbing girlfriends, SIM-UB course mates, CJC clique, overseas friends from the various exchange programmes that I had attended, to name a few. In the past, it used to upset me a lot when friends drift apart because some of these friendships really meant something at one point of time but now, I have learnt to accept that it is just part and parcel of life. People come and go, but what that matters most is that you cherish the time spent together because some of these friends are the people who leave a lasting impact and helped to mold the person you are today.

Yet, when a friendship that truly matters to you start to disintegrate, it still hurts. Sometimes, it is through tough and difficult times when you start to see the true colours in others. I had a friend who once “promised” to always be there but when it came down to the crunch and when I was feeling the lowest point in my life, this “promise” turned out to be an empty promise. You might ask, am I mad? Frankly, no. Because anger is just a fleeting emotion, felt best at that point of time when it’s being triggered. However, in its place, is disappointment that sets in and that sort of pain sears you more than anger or frustration ever could. It makes you wonder, has all the past not matter to someone anymore? Is it so hard to simply show up for a friend when one’s in need? Perhaps, it’s easier to choose the easy route because it is safe and works to one’s benefit. Why bother to rock the boat when things are going seemingly perfect right? Personally, I usually give my best to things that matter and for this case, I tried my best and refused to let go of this friendship. But, after some reflection, it hit me that people who leave you in the lurch when you needed them, doesn’t deserve you. Introspection, it takes even more courage to stand up, let of of such unhealthy friendship and finally move forward. To be mature and sensible enough to see that some people might be holding you back in a way that is not what you want or need. When things are clearer, you realise that it is another’s loss and not mine, for I have always and will continue to live life in zest.

“Don’t take for granted the people in your life. They will not always be here.”

And with this, I’ll gather the strength to finally close this chapter in my life.

. The End   .

One response to “. people come and go: letting it go .

  1. People come and go in our life….
    That is the reality of life.
    Cherishing the beautiful moments will keep the parting sweet.
    Being trapped in disappointment only serve to make the parting painful.
    We have a choice, to stay happy or sad.
    I know you will always make the right choice.

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