. a slice of mini rainbow cake .

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m no domestic goddess. I find no joy in either cooking or baking but I have decided to give baking another try since many of my friends often spoke about how therapeutic it is. So, I wanted my first ‘solo’ attempt  at baking to be something exciting and fun! What’s more irresistible than a colourful rainbow cake? I love colours and a rainbow cake makes me feel like a happy kid all over again! 🙂

Being a total beginner, I searched online for an easy recipe that included a pre cake mix which certainly made it pretty hassle-free. The end results? The colours came out very pretty and vibrant and I daresay it looks quite spectacular! The taste? Well, can’t go too wrong with a Betty Crocker cake mix although one cannot expect it to be Le Chocolate Cafe standard either. My final verdict? I gave it my best shot but baking is still not my cup of tea. I’ll keep to sports and handicrafts. :p

Nonetheless, I’m very thrilled to share with you guys pictures of the first cake that I have ever baked! 🙂 

rainbow cake title

You can get the recipe and baking instructions from Table Spoon. Have fun!

3 responses to “. a slice of mini rainbow cake .

  1. wow… so colourful!! Bet it taste great too. =)

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