. my first leather creation with Maketh Project .

I have always enjoyed making handicrafts since I was a little girl but when commitments set in, life gives way to bigger priorities such as working to earn a salary, exercising to keep healthy, hanging out with friends to maintain a work-life balance. In other words, gone were the days when I used to indulge in some DIY therapy. Now that I have lots of free time on hand, I have decided to return to 1 of my first loves and give leather crafting a try! Time to pick up a new skill and be creative with it! 🙂

There are several places that offer leather crafting workshops but what that drew me to Maketh Project is the owners’ willingness to share their passion for leather with the community and give the masses (like you and me) the opportunity to create leather products based on our own designs! Yes, you are your own designer and creator! 🙂  Nothing beats the feeling and sense of accomplishment of being the ambassador of your own creation. Moreover, I kind of like the idea of it being one of those hipster yet intimate spaces that breaks down all pretense and encourages an exchange of ideas and creativity amongst like-minded people from all walks of life.

maketh project 1
Maketh Project is the brainchild of 3 girlfriends – also called ‘The Leather Girls” by their friends –  who wanted to create a cozy space where leather lovers and newbies can come together and craft leather products. I have always had nothing but full admiration and respect for people who have decided to become entrepreneurs so I spoke to one of the founders to find out about the story behind Maketh Project. Support local products!

maketh project text 1
It all started from the “CHIEF”, Dynna have always loved leather even before she learned how to craft them.She started making things that she need, things she cant buy off the shelves out there. That is how the leather goods brand “Forest Child” was born.

After a year and a half of making customised leathergoods, we met Adlina and then decided to launch something new and different together. We always find joy in sharing tips with people about leathercrafting. And MAKETH PROJECT is just about all that. The crafting scene is very intimidating and Maketh Project  wanna make it  approachable,doable, possible and etc for people to create and be a maker. 

maketh project 10
maketh project text 2

Based on our own experiences, it was quite a struggle for us when we first started to learn , as we didn’t know of where to get materials and supplies from, or some others who were already in this leather business were not so willing to share their knowledge and skills and certain information.

Here at Maketh Project, we hope to build and eventually grow a community of crafters here in Singapore. We aspire to foster positive bonding amongst people through crafting. We are no pros though, but we just wanna share the love right now with whatever knowledge we have. 

maketh project 11
maketh project text 3My family has been my pillar of strength and support throughout my entire recovery. They have shown me that I still have a lot of love and things to look forward to in life, despite being ‘broken’ in some sense. As such, I wanted to personalise and present my first leather creation as gifts for them. Nothing too extravagant, just something simple to express the 3 words “I Love You.

maketh project 2

maketh project 3
maketh project 4
This is my favourite part of the session – To emboss the letters onto the leather. I was actually naive enough to think that we would be given a template to emboss the letters; Turned out that I had to use the mallet to hammer each letter, individually! I am under strict orders not to lift anything heavy as my neck is still fragile and healing so I was pretty hesitant about doing anything too strenuous. Fortunately, looks can be deceiving as the mallet is relatively light and it was easy once you get the hang of the hammering. Having said that, I must confess that this is the “most manual work” that I have done since my injury! Thumbs up for me!

maketh project 5

Ta-dah! The final products, handmade and hand-sewn with much 

maketh project 9
Well, the end product might not look as perfect as something that you might find from a factory but each of these leather tags has been lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted from scratch. I guess this is what they call “Finding perfection in imperfection“. My parents and sisters love their customized leather tags and I am delighted that they will always have something to remind them of the significant role that each of them have played in my life. 🙂

Family, Always Loved
*The initial phrase was ‘Family – Being loved no matter what’ but I had to shorten it due to space limitations.

maketh project 6maketh project 7maketh project 8
Maketh Project

Address: 24A Bali Lane (2nd Floor)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makethproject 

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  1. Hi,do you conduct leather crafting lessons?


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