. furry times at The Cat Cafe .

the cat cafe logoAs a parent to 3 furkids and a school of tropical fishes, I know how wonderful it is to bask in the companionship of our furry and well, maybe not-so-furry counterparts. Having experienced first hand the indescribable joy and happiness that comes with pet ownership, I’m a strong believer in the calming effects of animal therapy. That was also the reason why I chose to visit The Cat Cafe earlier this week, after receiving some unsettling news about my neck recovery. I wanted a place where I could seek comfort and healing of some sort and I knew I could find it here at this cafe. And, I did.

The concept of cat cafes has been exceptionally popular in many countries, such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea and it’s little surprise that the first couple of cat cafes in Singapore have also received an overwhelming reception. After all, doesn’t it sounds purrrrfect to stroke and cuddle with a feline companion while sipping a cup of coffee?

the cat cafe 1
As a strong supporter of pet adoption, The Cat Cafe works with a local cat shelter, KittyHaven, to adopt 14 lovely rescue cats that have now made the cafe their home. These cats are allowed to roam around freely within the cafe so don’t be too alarmed if you happened to be sharing the same table with 1 or more cats!

There are, of course, rules that one ought to follow in the cat cafe but these are minimal and there’s no “bodyguard” to watch your every single move. Just soak in the casual and cozy atmosphere! The entrance fee of $15 (Which I think is very reasonable) will get you a complimentary soft drink and unlimited time with the feline companions.

the cat cafe 2the cat cafe title 3For cat lovers who are looking for a more intimate session with the cats, you might like to purchase a tiny bowl of cat food ($3) to feed the cats. Trust me, these greedy cats will flock to you in no time and you will become their favourite person in the house! I’m guessing that the way to win a cat’s heart is through his stomach! :p

the cat cafe 12
the cat cafe title 1
Cats are known to sleep as much as 18 hours a day so don’t be too upset if there are more cats sleeping than awake during your visit! That’s almost 2/3 of the day! Fortunately for us, we visited at a time (between 6-8pm) where most of the cats were active. As cats tend to sleep more often during the day, it is thus advisable for you to visit sometime in the evening if you do not want to miss the opportunity to catch them in play mode.

the cat cafe 9the cat cafe 10the cat cafe 11
the cat cafe title 2
I’m not going to deny that I’m a dog person as I find dogs a lot more interactive and playful. Plus, dogs are man’s best friends. In fact, I’m a little apprehensive about cats as I have this fear that they might scratch or attack me with their sharp claws! Blame this stereotyping on the media that often associate cats with “evil”. However, fret not as the cats at The Cat Cafe are generally docile and approachable. They seem pretty friendly and most would enjoy a pat or rub although the shy ones would run away almost immediately. On the same note, please don’t expect the cats to come running to you for attention, as what most dogs would do, because they are well, aloof by nature.

If you are lucky, you might even get to engage a little play session with some of the cats by getting them to chase after the teaser cat toy (the toys with a stick at the end)! Try that game with the resident black cat as it seems to be the most mischievous of the lot!

In between patting the friendlier cats, I couldn’t help but to behave like a typical Singaporean going around the cafe, snapping countless of pictures as the cats are simply too photogenic! 🙂

the cat cafe text
the cat cafe 4
the cat cafe 14the cat cafe 3the cat cafe 5
the cat cafe 13
the cat cafe 15
the cat cafe 16
the cat cafe 17 
The Cat Cafe

Address: 241B Victoria Street Level 3
Telephone: 6338 6815
Website: http://thecatcafe.sg/

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