. still behind bars .

I once read from a fellow halo vest blogger that she had to extend her “jail term” from 9 to 12 weeks due to an incomplete healing and that is something that I’ve been dreading to hear. Well, turns out that I have received both good and bad news during my visit to the clinic today. Good news – According to the xray results, my neck fracture has healed beautifully and I can remove my halo vest. Bad news – My doctor wanted to be very sure that the healing is complete so I’ll have to undergo a CT scan before he can give the final go-ahead. Which basically means another week of no hot showers, no scratching of my back (the itch!), more nights on the recliner, going braless, the list goes on …

But you know what? This halo vest has been my best friend, my faithful companion for 63 days, so what’s another week compared to the past 9 weeks? 1 more week till I bid Adiós to my titanium friend, for good. I’ll do my best!

3 responses to “. still behind bars .

  1. Hang in there babe! You’ve done beautifully. Really. P

  2. hi there, saw you doing a search on “halo” injuries and people in them etc.. i moderate a halo support group on facebook. If youre on there add halo helper and i would love to help yah with any questions! sounds like it comes off soon!?

    • Hi! 🙂

      Yes, I’m finally off the halo vest although life with the aspen collar isn’t the easiest too. And I still do have a lot of concerns about my neck recovery and life after halo. Will definitely love to drop you a mail! 🙂

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