. the walking nail service .

Living with a halo vest pretty much means that I have been home-bound for the past 2 months, with the occasional trips to various clinics. In all honesty, when you have a bulky metal contraption screwed into your head, it’s hard to feel attractive or pretty in the slightest way. So, I thought, why not pamper myself with a nice session of manicure and pedicure to spruce my life a little? At the very least, I’ll have pretty nails to look at (totally bimbotic)! :p

That is when ‘The Walking Nail Service‘ comes into the picture. Jeannie, the owner behind The Walking Nail Service, provides a wide range of house-call nail services, from classic gelish to organic spa treatments. For those who are looking for silky-soft hands and feet, you can also opt for the 100% natural and intensive Thermasoft Soyaffin treatment mask made from pure shea butter, beeswax and soy extracts. A luxurious treat, all in the comfort of your own home. And may I add, at very reasonable prices. 🙂

My past 2 experiences as a paying customer with Jeannie have been very enjoyable. She makes up for the lack of amenities and ambiance with her professionalism and personalised service. All tools are sanitized and cleaned before and after usage to ensure proper hygiene. What I like most is that Jeannie makes me feel comfortable and there is no hard-sell of packages or products, which is almost inevitable in commercial salons.

GSS nailsThe Walking Nail Service is having a massive Great Singapore Sales from now till 27 July 2014. Don’t miss out on this irresistible deal to enjoy up to 40% discount for all nail services!

Website: http://thewalkingnailservice.com/conc/
Instagram: thewalkingnailservice
Whatsapp: 8488 8158


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