. all it took was a flip on the trampoline … .

… To land myself with a broken neck and an accident that is set to change my life forever.

The plan for 5th April? Attend a free aromatherapy-yoga class for an article that I was working on, followed by 2 consecutive hot yoga classes before meeting my girlfriends for an hour of fun at the trampoline park. Well, we all know that the plan worked out perfectly well until my quest for an excitement albeit (on hindsight) recklessness pushed me to attempt a forward flip on the trampoline. My first attempt went well and I was filled with confidence, so off I went for a second flip.

Unfortunately for me, the second flip didn’t end off quite as expected and before I knew it, I heard the following sounds …

CRACK. repeat multiple times.

For a split second, I lost consciousness but I could recall that the first thing I did, upon regaining consciousness, was to move my hands and legs as I was terrified that I had broken my neck and might be paralyzed. Phew! No loss of feelings and sensations in all my limbs. Immediately, I voiced my concerns to the crew at AMPED Trampoline Park @ YOHA that I might have possibly sustained a serious neck injury as the cracking sounds that I heard sounded pretty grave.

Frankly, what followed through was a series of “NOT TO DO” when suspecting a neck fracture. I was reassured multiple times by the AMPED crew that I didn’t break my neck and it was common for people (both the crew and participants) to, I quote, hear similar cracking sounds when they pull a muscle or ligament in their neck. On hindsight, I should have known to always trust my body and instincts; However, at that point of time, being in a state of pain and confusion left me acting against my better judgement. I was convinced by the crew that my injury was nothing more serious than just a bad muscle strain.

On the assumption that it was a muscle strain, my friends had one of our yoga instructor to check out my injury and for the next 20 minutes, he pulled my neck up and down, giving it a massage. Unbeknownst to me at that time, the tiniest action could have damaged my spinal cord. After what felt like an eternity, I cried aloud to stop with the massage as the pain was starting to become excruciating. The decision was made to call for an ambulance. Finally. Nonetheless, it was a series of wrong moves as I stood up, gathered whatever strength I had left within me to walk down 2 flights of stairs before I was wheeled into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

And because I could still move and walk, my situation was deemed as non life-threatening and I was soon transferred to the outpatient clinic, where I waited for another 3 long hours before my X-ray was taken. It was only after the doctor had examined the X-ray results of my neck before we realised the gravity of the situation. The verdict? It was no simple muscle strain; I had fractured my neck and needed to undergo a CT scan to further investigate the extent of my injuries.

Almost immediately, the A&E doctor and his team had me rushed to the emergency department where I had my neck immobilized in a hard neck collar and head blocks. I was told that I had to be bedridden as the slightest movement could jeopardize my injury and sever my spinal cord. Oh my God! I broke into tears and started crying uncontrollably as a cloud of negativity overwhelmed me. Truth to be told, it terrified me to no end that there was a real possibility that I could end up being a paraplegic. Being scared is an understatement. The CT scans revealed that I had fractured my C1 and C2, the first two cervical vertebrae that control the movement of our head and houses the nerves to our respiratory system. And no visible signs of damage to the spinal cord. I must have said this a thousand times since my accident but I am truly thankful to be alive and fully mobile despite the series of wrong moves along the way.

I lay completely still in bed, with an Intravenous drip insertion and a urinary catheter inserted into my bladder (one of the most uncomfortable procedure), as I await for the Orthopedic specialist to arrive … and what was also the beginning of the most traumatic experience of my life.


The take-away from this entry? Always assume the worst when it comes to any neck injury and call for an ambulance immediately. 

8 responses to “. all it took was a flip on the trampoline … .

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  2. So sorry to hear this.. Take care and get well soon!

    • Hello! Thanks for your well wishes. Yes, ive pretty much regained my neck strength and flexibility. Very lucky and i really do count my blessings. By the way,may i check if you managed to find my site through a fb post? I saw a spike in stats but am unable to locate to the source (exact fb page). Possible to let me know the link pls? Thanks!

  3. Martini Ricki

    Omg! What a traumatic and shocking experience you must have had when you had tgat injury and worse still knowing u could be paralysed for life! I pray that you will stay strong and that God will bring about the complete healing and restoration of all your body functions. Stay strong and never give in to any negative thots that come your way! You will make it👈👈👈👈👈

    • Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and also for the well wishes! Yes, a year on from the accident, ive regained almost all my neck strength and flexibility. Im very lucky and count my blessings (: thank you so much for your encouraging message and support! Feel really blessed.

  4. Get well soon 🙂 maybe .. next time if you are falling, keep your head tucked in so you might safely roll away. 🙂

    • Hello! Thank you for your well wishes and advice. Yes,i think i made the mistake of not tucking in my head properly. Always pre-warn my friends whenever they attempt to head to the trampoline park. Safety first!

  5. Oh dear! I hope you’re better now!! I did trampoline/gymnastics back in school and yes, many people do not know that it takes practise and control to land safely when doing flips.. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to just start doing flips on the trampolines. >.<

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