. second chance at life after breaking my neck .

Where do I even begin? 6 weeks have flown by since that fateful day that changed my life, forever. An accident that could have possibly left me either dead or paralyzed. To summarize it, I, being the usual adventurous me, took a leap of faith that didn’t quite end up as expected, crashed and broke my neck

(C1 and C2 vertebra fracture to be exact).  4 weeks since I have been trapped behind the metal bars and cage, aka halo vest. Emotions still run raw and deep whenever I looked back at how close I was to fatality but there is a reason that I’m given a second chance at life. A reason that I am still alive and able to use all my limbs. It might sound morbid but it’s the truth that  most people who suffer a broken neck usually don’t survive and those who do, chances are they usually suffer from a spinal cord injury which could potentially result in quadriplegia.

This resonated so well with me. To know what might have been is a terrifying thought and up till this day, tears continue to roll down my cheeks whenever that thought crosses my mind. I give thanks every single day to know that I’m still alive and fully mobile. When you experience something so life-threatening, it’s inevitable that you start seeing life from a different perspective and I was no exception. You become even more appreciative  and thankful of even the most basic and simple things in life, e.g. taking a shower (more to come in my halo vest post), walking, eating, exercising, being able to live with 3 generations under the same roof, etc.

In theory, I believe that we all know that we should live life to the fullest but too many of us are guilty of either complaining too much or making excuses for the stuff we want to do. I must say that my zest for life, coupled with my thirst for adventure and adrenaline, have led me to live a relatively fulfilling life thus far. Sure, there are its ups and downs and I’ve experienced my fair share of a roller coaster in life but for the bulk of it, I usually take my chances and have no regrets. Since my accident, it solidifies my belief that life is too fragile and short to live on ‘what ifs’ and waste it living on anyone else’s terms.

No point dwelling on the past or wallowing in self-pity about the situation. This accident, along with emotional distress that I had undergone in the months prior, actually showed me that I’m way stronger and more positive that I ever thought I can be. Never once did I push the blame to anyone or bemoan at the situation and allow myself to sink into depression or self-pity. I choose to believe that things happen for a reason and when the storm is (finally) over, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, all it takes is to have faith, lots of support (I’m so grateful every single day for my family, friends, relatives and colleagues who have showered me with so much love and emotional support through my recovery) and be patient. And I know that at the end of the day, I’ll be a stronger and more determined person who is going to accomplish more things in my life that I will be proud of. 🙂 

I promise I’ll get to the details of the accident and life with a halo vest soon but for now, I would like to end off this blog entry with one of my favourite quotes:

“Today is life – The only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep thrugh you. Live today with gusto.”PhotoGrid_1402630252665

2 responses to “. second chance at life after breaking my neck .

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  2. Speedy recovery.Get well soonest.

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