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Long ago, when I first started clubbing, my preferred genre of music in clubs had always been commercial pop hits, hip hop and reggae. I used to think that electronic dance music was just plain annoying and it drove me nuts. Who would have thought that 8 years down the road, I would actually find myself enjoying and loving EDM, especially House? EDM has been the province for many music festivals around the world for years and it’s no surprise that many music lovers would make it a point to attend a massive dance festival at least once in their life! #YOLO. We are spoilt for choices as there are many world-famous EDM festivals around the globe, from Tomorrowland in Belgium to Electric Zoo in NYC to Stereosonic in Australia! With budget constraint in mind, a couple of my colleagues and I decided to opt for the nearest and cheapest option that was made available to us – Future Music Festival Asia in KL! Think eat.sleep.rave.repeat.

Well, it seems like many fellow Singaporeans had the same idea as it was the topic of the weekend on various social media platforms, FB/ Twitter/ Instagram, you name it. We even spotted several groups proudly waving the Singapore flag on the festival grounds! 🙂  Heading into the festival on Day 2 was an eye-opening experience for a non-Trance fan like me but I can finally see why it’s so easy to get absorbed into the state of trance and lose yourself in the music (in a good way). Everyone would pretty much agree that Armin van Buure’s prolific ASOT650 set was beyond incredible… The 85,000 strong crowd went crazy and it was amazing to see everyone from all walks of life dancing and moving in sync! For 1 and a half hour, music was the universal language and it was common for strangers to put aside all boundaries, come together and dance. My poor feet, I will need to book myself a pedicure soon.

With a line-up featuring big names like Pharrell Williams, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I must confess that Day 3 was the day that I was really looking forward to. In fact, we were planning for 6 hours of non-stop dance marathon. Alas, the final day was cancelled following the reports that 6 party-goers had died from drug overdose. Well, I’m not going to mince my words because it was a huge disappointment to make these plans and had them dashed at the very last minute. Here’s our take on our disappointment – Imagine being in the middle of a mind-blowing sex, only to have the guy pulling out just before you hit a massive orgasm; Super anti-climax. Just an analogy. Drug abuse is very common with such music and rave festivals and while I’m sorry to learn about these deaths, it is ultimately one’s decision and choice to party responsibly.

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