. weekend @ W hotel .

A few months ago, lady luck was on my side and I found myself winning  a lucky draw prize that includes a 2 nights staycation at the very gorgeous W Hotel @ Sentosa Cove! Honestly, I usually don’t have any luck with lucky draws or betting games (TOTO/4D) so I was extremely stunned when my number was called for the 3rd prize! 🙂 Invited my ever-supportive family to join me at W Hotel over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Just a well-deserved break to eat (Greek!), sleep and chill by the pool. Repeat.

Warning: A pictorial post ahead.

w hotel 11
w hotel 12
w hotel 5

w hotel 3

w hotel 1
w hotel 2

w hotel 4
w hotel 6

w hotel 7
w hotel 10
w hotel 9
w hotel 8
w hotel 13
w hotel 17
w hotel 15

w hotel 16
w hotel 19
w hotel 18
w hotel 14

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