Daily Archives: February 1, 2014

. OOTD: chinese new year day 2 .

Neon & patterns frock from MDS Collection. Black and white monochrome flats from F21. Twirling through the festive season with this unique juxtaposition of the neon coloured shapes with b/w strips!

. 73 months .

Today marks the 73rd month that we have been together since that New Year’s Day when the boy asked me to be the girlfriend. Back in the honeymoon days where love was still young and pure, all we could think of was romantic love. Perfect and oxytocin-filled moments where we would stroll along the beach at dusk, explore every nook and cranny on the little red dot, take thousands of pictures together, kiss and make out all day … You get the drift. Love – like those you see in Hollywood romantic movies – was all that we needed to keep us moving into the future together.

Yet, as real life would have it, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. With more commitments on our plate, it’s easy to approach the relationship with a practical streak rather than a romantic one. Gone are the lovely-dovey days where you both felt intoxicated by love. Real life sets in. Work takes precedence, resulting in lesser quality time as a couple. There are more bills to pay and we find ourselves arguing incessantly over financial issues and stability. Being a parent to 3 furkids is nowhere as demanding as being a real parent but it comes with a huge responsibility and challenges us to test our team-work skills as a couple. Frustration. Exasperation. Discontentment. Hurt. Love tears you apart, leaving you at your most vulnerable and insecure stage at times. And even before reality begins to sink in, both parties seem to be running in the opposite directions. No one ever says that it is easy to maintain and sustain a relationship. To those who think that all we need is love – Oh boy, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like everything else in our life, we need to put in the effort and work hard to keep a relationship going. To not take each other for granted but instead, count your blessings and cherish what you have. In life, change is the only constant. Inevitably, we grow and change as individuals. What we are today – our character, behavior, preferences in life, interest, etc – most probably differs from what we were half a decade ago. Instead of going with the flow and think that fate will make it all work out for us, it is even more important to bridge the gap and strengthen the relationship so that we may grow together, as a unit. 

For our 73rd month, I would like to dedicate this pictorial entry to “You, Me and Us“. This is the 3rd couple photo-shoot that we took about a year ago with Firefly Photography, using a cheap groupon deal! To make things even more special, we had a tiny but loud special guest with us for this shoot! 🙂 Previous couple photoshoot: 2010: whimsical photoshoot with Yen from Vanilla Minuet. 2012: fun at Macritchie reservoir with Lumiere Photography via another groupon deal.