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Off to the happiest place on earth!

. i love mr moustache .

mr moustache nails
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moustache nails!IMG-20131128-WA0009


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. sg biennale: gardens, by the way .

Dropped by the National Library the other day to take a look at the art installation ‘Gardens, By The Way‘. Unfortunately, there are way too many plastic bottled flower pieces and I was unable to spot mine despite several attempts. This particular art installation is free for all so do visit it if you’re in the vicinity! 🙂 

Gardens, by the way
Mixed media installation
Dimensions: Variable
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2013 Commission

Responding to the Singapore Biennale 2013 theme “If the World Changed”, pioneering graffiti collective ZNC (Zinc Nite Crew) pays homage to the changes that will come to Singapore’s landscape, predicting spurts of blossoming gardens that will grow all over the city. This foliage appears instantaneous, devised and urgent, reflecting today’s pace of rapid change and the need for instant gratification. At the same time, ZNC’s artwork is ecologically friendly, incorporating recycling with craft and aerosol art. Participants from over 30 schools were invited to collaborate with ZNC to create a flourishing garden, crafted from thousands of recycled plastic bottles, in the heart of the Singapore Biennale. 

Key Sponsor: Credit Suisse 
With support from: JPL Consultants

sg biennale gbtw 1
sg biennale gbtw 2
sg biennale gbtw