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. sg biennale 2013: let’s go craffiti .

The Singapore Biennale is our country’s very own contemporary art exhibition and it returns this year with the theme ‘If the World Changed‘. Change is the only constant. If you could change the world, how would you want it to be and why? The 4th edition of the biennale is an invitation for everyone from all walks of life to re-image the world we live in and draw inspiration from a wide array of works from over 80 artists from the region. This year also marks the first time that the exhibition will not be featuring any international names, thus bringing the focus to the distinctive identity and artistic diversity of Southeast Asia.

The Singapore Biennale 2013 is on-going until early next year so that leaves you with ample time to catch the diverse range of art installations.
Exhibition Period: On-going until 16 Feb 2014, 10am – 7pm daily
Admission Fee: $10 for adults
Official Website: Singapore Biennale 2013

sg biennale 2013

craffiti workshop

As part of this year’s biennale, Singapore Art Museum has lined up a series of interactive programmes and activities for the public. Since my recent visit to Melbourne where I was introduced to the vibrant street arts scene, I have been on the lookout for an opportunity to learn and get hands-on with graffiti. Seems like lady luck is on my side as I found out that the biennale was offering a workshop led by local graffiti collective ZNC (Zinc Nite Crew), where one can learn to do “craffiti”! Craffiti is simply a mash-up of craft and graffiti, an ideal yet easy introduction for those who would like to dabble with graffiti. For this particular workshop, we were taught to create flowers using recycled water bottles and aerosol paint. Kinda like the arts & craft class that we used to do back in Primary School.

BEFORE: Cut-out flowers from recycled water bottle

AFTER: A dose of colours later, I would like to present you …
My masterpiece! Not too bad for a 1st attempt, huh? 
after 1
after 2
Graffiti artist, Shah Rizzal, busy at work
artist at work
Colourful art pieces by the other students
flower 1
flower 2
flower 3
flower 4

The highlight of this workshop was having our pretty art works becoming part of the contemporary art installation created by ZNC for the Singapore Biennale 2013. Their installation, titled ‘Gardens, By The Way‘, pays homage to the changes that will come to our country’s landscape, predicting spurts of blossoming gardens that will grow all over the city. To make this installation a communal effort, ZNC had collaborated with students from over 30 schools to create a flourishing garden made of thousands of recycled bottle flowers! 

In other words, my art pieces will be proudly displayed with the rest of the recycled bottle flowers to complete this art installation. And of course, I couldn’t be happier for this rare chance to be a Biennale ‘artist’ and have my (very) amateur art pieces being displayed for public viewing! Will have to make a trip down to the National Library, where the ‘Gardens, By The Way‘ installation is being displayed, soon to spot my 2 ‘flowers’ amongst the thousands of others. Lol.

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