. let’s plant a tree .

plant a tree
Do you know that individuals are able to donate the cost of a tree sapling (a young tree) and plant it at designated parks in Singapore? The Plant-A-Tree programme, an initiative by the management of the Garden City Fund, provides everyone who is keen the opportunity to contribute to the environment and support our local greening efforts. The cost? $200 for a tree sapling and the money donated will go towards funding existing/future research and conservation projects.

plant a tree

In commemoration of the 1963 Commemorative Tree Planting initiative, my company had committed to plant 40 trees as our contribution to the country’s 50 years of greening journey. After a couple of months of sheer hard work, lots of overtime and stress, I must say that our efforts were certainly rewarded when we saw the smiles on the faces of our fellow colleagues and customers when they planted their very own tree saplings earlier today! 🙂 Truth to be told, it had been quite a challenge putting this event together – From the execution of the online contest to garner participants to the conceptualization of the actual event -, it wasn’t without much frustration and difficulties. However, the satisfaction from seeing how successful the turnout was and all the happy faces at the end of the day made it all worth it.

More importantly, it was a delight to see so many families bringing their little kids along for this unique experience of planting something living! Almost all the parents who attended today’s event commented that they wanted to inculcate the values of responsibility to their kids, as well as to teach them that nature is not as boring as it seems. Having said that, I have to admit that planting a tree is probably just a drop in the bucket when compared to the other positive and lasting efforts by environmental activists but it’s encouraging to start taking baby steps.

plant a tree with kids

Plant-A-Tree programme
Every Child a Seed programme
Recommended movie for children to learn about trees: The Lorax

my miniature on-the-go terrarium
plant a future for the community


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