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. the nobbies: melbourne .

When our tour guide first informed us that we would be making a pit stop at The Nobbies, the first thought that came to my mind was “What the heck are the nobbies?” In fact, my bimbotic self assumed that the nobbies was another word for the rugged rock formation. Well, turns out that I wasn’t too far from the truth as The Nobbies was previously known as Seal Rocks which is the home to Australia’s largest colony of fur seals.

It was a moment of tranquility for me as I took a lovely stroll along the boardwalk that overlooks the magnificent coastline. Truly enjoyed watching the flock of Silver Gulls flying over our heads and listening to the huge waves crashing over the rocks. It’s a pity that most tourists would give this gem a miss as they head directly for the penguin parade; although, it could also be seen as a blessing in disguise as the lack of crowds is what that makes The Nobbies so peaceful and enchanting. My favourite spot on Phillip Island!

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