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. street art in melbourne .

Despite my relatively short stay in Melbourne, I had the privilege to discover and see for myself some of the most interesting and vibrant street art that I have ever seen. Well, coming from a country that considers graffiti as a form of vandalism (risk facing a mandatory canning, a fine or even a jail term!), it’s not a surprise that our city is largely sanitized and that one has to head overseas to get a dose of inspiring street art.

Melbourne, a city known for its┬áburgeoning art scene and movement, celebrates and embraces all forms of urban art. There’s always an avenue for budding artists to unleash their potential and express their artistic creativity on the empty walls that surrounds the city. I must say that it was quite an excitement to walk around the trawling lane ways and alleys of the city, only to stumble upon a wonderfully diverse range of artwork that literally took my breath away. I also had the humbling experience of witnessing a passionate street artist working on a large mural during my short visit at the iconic Hosier Lane and it opened my eyes to see how much effort and dedication is required to produce a piece of graffiti.

For anyone who’s considering a trip to the city, I would highly recommend that you take half a day off your itinerary to join a professional street artist on a tour that will take you to some of Melbourne’s hidden underground treasures.
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