. yet another piercing .

ear piercing
ear piercings and it’s not difficult to get addicted to them. At my peak, I probably had about 7 ear piercings… My favorites being the rook and anti-tragus. Made an impulsive decision and added a new ear piercing to my “collection” –
A forward helix piercing (the pink stud)! What’s up next? Probably a new tattoo?

2 responses to “. yet another piercing .

  1. Hi there, may I know where did get your ears pierced? I would like to re-pierce mine but I don’t want to spend more than $30. It’s so hard to find cheap ear piercing services. 😦

    • Hi Hannie

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂 I pierced mine at Primitive Tattoo, at FEP. It’s $30 but I paid at least $40 for the earring… So I’m not too sure if you can get cheaper ear piercings since we have to pay more for the earring. You can try asking them though! 🙂

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