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. a not-so-scary halloween .

Halloween has always been 1 of my favourite holidays, right after Christmas. The past few years have seen me celebrating Halloween with friends in all sorts of scary-themed events, from Halloween Horror Night @ USS to Halloween Pumpkin Patch in Buffalo, NY and even, a nightfall walk in Bukit Brown Cemetery! However, as luck would have it, my plan of going on a double date with another couple for HHN@USS was shelved as the tickets were sold out! šŸ˜¦

Nonetheless, thanks to the company of good friends, I managed to have my fair share of Halloween fun this year at the traditional “Trick-or-Treat” Halloween Walk at Woodgrove estate(honestly, the BEST in Singapore!) and “There’s a Spider in my Cider” lomography light painting workshop & Timbre! Guess a not-so-scary Halloween celebration does the works for me too.

halloween special lomo
halloween at timbrehalloween at timbre 2woodgrove halloweenwoodgrove halloween 1
bat ears 2
bat ears 1

. yet another piercing .

ear piercing
IĀ įƒ¦ ear piercings and it’s not difficult to get addicted to them. At my peak, I probably had about 7 ear piercings… MyĀ favoritesĀ being the rook and anti-tragus. Made an impulsive decision and added a new ear piercing to my “collection” –
A forward helix piercing (the pink stud)! What’s up next? Probably a new tattoo?

. falling in love with the Diana F + .

take me to dreamland
Preservation of Sites & Monuments presents
An Afternoon at the National Monuments
x Lomography Diana F + Workshop

The idea of heading out to the various national monuments, armed with a fun lomo camera, sounded too irresistible and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to sign up for the monument walk x lomography workshop. Being a fan of all things romantic and whimsical, it’s not surprising to know that yours truly has always been interested to dabble in lomography. However, I guess procrastination (as always) got the better of me and that particular interest eventually turned into a couple of years of waiting. Oh well, better late than never.

Together with some of my favourite UB girlfriends, we ventured about theĀ National Museum, Former Tao Nan School (now the Peranakan Museum) & Armenian Church and picked up historical snippets of these places. Along the way, we had a ball of fun experimenting a mix of multiple exposure and overlapping frames to produce a myriad of pictures which are often deemed as “bad photography” in the eyes of the professional photographer. The golden key, as we were taught, was to “Don’t think, just shoot!”.Ā Love the feelings of anticipation and excitement as I waited for the final results to be unveiled and I must say that all of us were very pleased with our pictures! šŸ™‚

Cost? $30 inclusive of the rental loan of Diana F+ camera, film and development. The experience?Ā Priceless.